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I can buy Behringer T1953 Tube Ultragain with changed tubes (Electo Harmonix) for 150$ is it worh it? Can u tell the diference with electro harmonix tubes? I mean yeah u prob can but will it sound better?

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hueseph Sun, 12/21/2008 - 17:27

For what it's worth. GOOGLE: behringer tube ultragain 1953 review.

The Behringer is overblown on the outside with regard to what is actually, physically inside. The overall box is bigger than it need be, but cosmetically it's retro look is appealling to me. By comparison, though, it is poorly constructed. The glowing tubes in the photos are actually little bulbs, not raging tubes. On my well used T1953, they have failed, as well as two of the VU meter lights. The VU's also stick occasionally. It won't last much longer and i did not want to sink any more money into it. A good introduction to tube mic pre's at a used price, but not built to last.

the Behringer T1953, it is... a pretty sorry piece of gear. Admittedly it does function on a tight budget (paid $130 used). New tubes helped dramatically, but after hearing the other two preamps, the T1953 is "brittle" bright and creates some serious phase issues with my mic. No matter the phase setting, it seems to be voiced rather "shallow" with a lack of definition in the low-mids. This gives it the "scooped" EQ sound and nearly seems to phase with any signal opposing it. I will, however, keep it for a simple tube pre for some direct electric bass on certain tracks. I do think it has a sound that may work well on some specific things like cheap, very dull acoustic guitars or mandolins. I've had fair results on upright bass using kick mics and pin mics. Vocally, though, it is shrill by comparison to both the ART MPA Gold and the Aphex 207D.

From Harmony central reviews. There are also many good reviews there but this person was good enough to do a comparison test between other low budget tube pres. The MPA Gold is very reasonably priced and if your music store is like mine, you can finance.

RemyRAD Sun, 12/21/2008 - 17:46

Really, I find transistor stuff much more consistent sounding. Tubes just are not built the way they used to be. And for that reason alone, I think tubes are not necessarily a good choice by today's standards. I mean what else do we value from China & Russia? Right. Chinese food & vodka. I don't want to drive a Gorky nor go to work with slave children. At least transistor & integrated circuit stuff has to be produced with very pure silicon crystals made to very exacting standards. Tubes like this subject can get old quickly. Transistors are always young and fresh sounding like children. Besides, they don't get as hot and bothered. Anyhow, when you finally realize that tubes make lousy microphones? You'll go back to transistors and their silicon brothers, IC chips. Regular & barbecue flavor.

2N what?
Ms. Remy Ann David

anonymous Mon, 12/22/2008 - 18:37

Anything tube that costs less than AT LEAST $600 should be on your "do not buy" list. Cheap tube equipment doesn't get tube warmth -- all it gets is a lot of noise and grating highs. Sell the Behringer, and then buy a decent solid state preamp with the money. Seriously. Changing tubes really will not help. That's like buying a crappy Squier and thinking that getting a new neck will make things sound better. Yeah, it will help a little, but not much. And for as mush as that unit plus new tubes will cost, you could get something solid state that's a whole lot nicer.