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Behringer X1222USB Mix-Minus Inputs/Outputs


Hope this is the right place.

So for five years I have had a successful mix minus set up like this:

Phone call comes into mixer on L/R channels on mixer (Channels 7/8), I have the cable going back to the phone line from the SEND output so the caller can hear me, with the correct control knob turned down so they don't hear themselves - is that the best way to do it?

M-Audio Profire 2626 v Behringer UMC1820 - Different output frequency profiles?

I had been using a profire 2626 for the past 12 years or so. I switched to the Behringer UMC1820 because it plays a little nicer with Linux.

The Behringer seems to have more low-mids in the output than the Profire 2626 did. It's a little off-putting to my ears. I was very accustomed to the old sound. I'm hesitant to call the Behringer muddy in comparison, but it might be.


1. Is it common for different output devices to have different frequency profiles? It sort of makes sense, but I didn't expect that.

PT10HD & Berhinger ADA8000 Conection Audio Output Issue

I am fairly new to the world of studio audio recording, so need a bit of advice, in my setup I have full HD rig, and have added a Behringerada8000 to the setup for preamp mic's etc for drums and mis, set ada to slave, connected light-pipe cables etc, get audio into ada but not out to any pt session's , checked hardware and io settings and seem to be ok, or am I missing something as getting frustrated trying to get everything setup and working as should, any help would be greatly appreciated. Attached files

Audio Quality - Behringer C-3 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone


I record with a Behringer C-3 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone at home. And I don't have an acoustically treated space to record in - I do the maximum amount of soundproofing I can possibly do at home.

Here's a sample of what the mixes currently sound like:


I've seen people using condenser microphones at home and getting more fuller sounds with zero background noise. Like this cover by WOTE:

Monitoring works but Cant record, no metronome (cubase LE 9.5, Behringer UMC404HD)

Hey there,

I just got Cubase LE 9.5 , and a BEHRINGER UMC404HD Interface. Its connected Via USB, obvioulsy.
If i plug my guitar into the interface i get monitoring on my headphones, and i can also see signal in the program input mixing panels.
But if i press RECORD there is no Signal being Recorded, (even tho i can hear the monitoring) and i cant hear the CLICK or a COUNT IN. Even tho i activated the click and everything. its so weird, and iam getting pretty desperate...

24 Tracks Control Behringer-Buy or Sell? How can I simplify my workflow.

What a challenge.
Im simple, I like old school play rewind fast forward record
push the button and go
Ive had tape machines, Adats, HD 24, and now using the Behringer X Touch with 2 Extenders to have 24 tracks of control.
Its a studio in my home, mostly for my projects.
I find I havent been using the X touch at all, other than play and record.

Behringer X1204USBQ

Hey guys,

I'm new to this forum so first of all, I would like to say hello. I have a behringer x1204usb connecting my gaming pc with my streaming pc. I have an xlr mic connected to the behringer, works fine. I have an audio out from my gaming pc split to my stream pc and to my behringer. I also have my streaming pc audio out going to my behringer. I have the USB from the behringer going to my streaming pc. I use OBS studio to stream. I have an aux output from the behringer to send the mic to my gaming PC also.