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Behringer X1222USB Mix-Minus Inputs/Outputs


Hope this is the right place.

So for five years I have had a successful mix minus set up like this:

Phone call comes into mixer on L/R channels on mixer (Channels 7/8), I have the cable going back to the phone line from the SEND output so the caller can hear me, with the correct control knob turned down so they don't hear themselves - is that the best way to do it?

Additional: I know with this mixer when I am doing radio the USB/2TR return allows me to hear the music on the PC which is being broadcast as part of my broadcast but think I am right in saying that there there is no way to feed the USB/2TR feed back to the caller as well is there?

Thank you

M-Audio Profire 2626 v Behringer UMC1820 - Different output frequency profiles?

I had been using a profire 2626 for the past 12 years or so. I switched to the Behringer UMC1820 because it plays a little nicer with Linux.

The Behringer seems to have more low-mids in the output than the Profire 2626 did. It's a little off-putting to my ears. I was very accustomed to the old sound. I'm hesitant to call the Behringer muddy in comparison, but it might be.


1. Is it common for different output devices to have different frequency profiles? It sort of makes sense, but I didn't expect that.

2. What is a good way to determine what's neutral? (i.e. was my profire neutral, or is the UMC1820 more neutral?)

PT10HD & Berhinger ADA8000 Conection Audio Output Issue

I am fairly new to the world of studio audio recording, so need a bit of advice, in my setup I have full HD rig, and have added a Behringerada8000 to the setup for preamp mic's etc for drums and mis, set ada to slave, connected light-pipe cables etc, get audio into ada but not out to any pt session's, checked hardware and io settings and seem to be ok, or am I missing something as getting frustrated trying to get everything setup and working as should, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Behringer X1222usb help

I recently purchased the Behringer X1222usb mixer and need some help. I run a podcast and cannot get audio from online videos to record to my daw. I can hear the audio coming through the mixer, and my mic signal is recorded fine. Is it possible with this mixer to record audio from both microphone and online video with this mixer?

Audio Quality - Behringer C-3 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone


I record with a Behringer C-3 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone at home. And I don't have an acoustically treated space to record in - I do the maximum amount of soundproofing I can possibly do at home.

Here's a sample of what the mixes currently sound like:


I've seen people using condenser microphones at home and getting more fuller sounds with zero background noise. Like this cover by WOTE:

I can't tell what I'm doing wrong - whether it's a mixing error or whether the microphone is the issue. Or whether I'm recording with the wrong settings. I end up liking the raw recordings on my phone better than the ones I record via the equipment.

My other concern is the distance between the microphone and the vocalist. In the YouTube video, the mic seems to be picking up sound really well even when the vocalist is far away. My Behringer C-3 can't pick up sound from that far away unless the gain is turned all the way up - which only ends up adding more noise and is of little use.

I'm kind of a beginner to the whole recording, mixing and mastering world and would appreciate some advice.

Thanks for the help in advance!

Scarlett 2i4 Gen 2 or U-phoria UMC204HD?

hi, i'm new here, a beginner and browsing the internet with what audio interface i should get for my home studio project and will be using it with a windows computer.

right now i'm looking at the Behringer u-phoria umc204HD and scarlett 2i4 gen 2 audio interfaces. they are almost identical with the features, has midi i/o as well that can come handy in the future. just different mic preamps and price difference of $90($129 for umc204HD and $219 for scarlett 2i4 gen 2)

i've searched for reviews through online music stores, few forums they both sounded clean and mic preamps are great, low to zero latency experience although there are some issues for drivers which can be solved if you're patient enough like the 2i4 which crashes all the time from what i've read but can be fixed and the u-phoria umc204HD has some driver stability issues that can be fixed by updating it.

for the home studio environment, i plan to use it with amp sims for direct recording and record vocals as well.

so which one should i get? is the scarlett 2i4 worth the $90 difference from the u-phoria umc204hd? why should i get the 2i4 over the umc204HD and vice versa? Midas pres or scarlett pres?

thanks for the help!

Monitoring works but Cant record, no metronome (Cubase LE 9.5, Behringer UMC404HD)

Hey there,

I just got Cubase LE 9.5, and a BEHRINGER UMC404HD Interface. Its connected Via USB, obvioulsy.
If i plug my guitar into the interface i get monitoring on my headphones, and i can also see signal in the program input mixing panels.
But if i press RECORD there is no Signal being Recorded, (even tho i can hear the monitoring) and i cant hear the CLICK or a COUNT IN. Even tho i activated the click and everything. its so weird, and iam getting pretty desperate...

It seems like the interface is not giving the signal to Cubase correctly OR the Stereo/Mono In/Outputs are Selected wrong. even tho i get signal and iam sure i selected the right inputs.

Did anyone here have similar issues or knows what i could do ?
Thx a lot!

24 Tracks Control Behringer-Buy or Sell? How can I simplify my workflow.

What a challenge.
Im simple, I like old school play rewind fast forward record
push the button and go
Ive had tape machines, Adats, HD 24, and now using the Behringer X Touch with 2 Extenders to have 24 tracks of control.
Its a studio in my home, mostly for my projects.
I find I havent been using the X touch at all, other than play and record.
Thats expensive 2K for just a few buttons. I stand when I play and record and find I wish I had my mics plugged in with faders and eq on my 7 foot rack so that I can walk up and pull the fader up and use the eq. believe it or not Ive been looking at the really old Tascam M-208 Mixer. Then I though for control I could use a PreSonus faderport. 1 channel, with the simple controls.
I use reaper, and mis with harrison mixbus. Im going into a clarett 4 pre.
Any suggestions would be helpful.

Major problems using Behringer X1222USB as an audio interface


I'm hoping someone out there knows what I'm doing wrong.

I have a home studio setup with a Mac and I use Cubase. As I recently had an audio interface pack up on me and was also needing a mixer, I purchased the X1222USB as an all-in-one solution. The problem is when I attached the mixer to the computer via USB, and assigned the device, which shows up as "USB Audio Codec", and then tried to assign my VST Connections for the input and output, it would only let me assign it to either one or the other, not both. I can either record with it or I could play back with it, not both.

I did a little reading and found I could create an Aggregate device using Audio MIDI Setup in Utilities, so I did that, creating a device that included both the ins and outs, then within Cubase, assigned the aggregate device.
But now, after successfully assigning both input and output to that aggregate in VST Connections, I get a horrible distorted signal. Even playing music in iTunes gives me a horrible hiss.

I trust I have made a complete newbie error here. My hope is that my newbie error wasn't in buying the bloody thing.

Any help appreciated.