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Help Please.
I have an SE-50, and as it has a fault, I keep having to press a combination of buttons, along with the Main on/off switch to enable Factory Reset ie.Write all the settings.
But I have lost the Manual (I and, having several 'senior moments', have forgotten the combination of buttons to press !
If anyone has a manual for one of these, I'd be grateful if they could look up Factory Resettings, and email me at with the correct combinations. I know it's two buttons held down whilst switching on !. but which two ?
Many thanks,


bobcattoman Sun, 06/19/2011 - 09:26

Boss pro se-50 help

the reason you are having this problem your internal battery is weak or dead it takes a large wach type battery about 3-6 dollars its very easy to change remove the 6 screws around the caseing slide the top back and the battery is right there pop it out find the numbers on the battery and replace. (note) look at the posistion of the battery so when you put the new one in its right the first time. also it has a protection that if the se-50 is unpluged from a power source for more then 30 days all programing will be lost accept for the defaults. so after useing find an out of the place and leave it plugged in buy leaving it plugged in this keeps the battery from going dead. the battery as a rule is good for about 3 years. however mine has been going now for about 5 years cause i keep it plugged in when not in use.