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Dual engine rack effects for guitar

I have a marshall tsl 100 head which has a seperate effects loop for the clean channel and a seperate fx loop for the crunch and lead channels. Currently i am running my boss chorus pedal on the clean fx loop and my boss delay pedal and boss pitch shifter on the crunch and lead fx loop. I want to essentially have seperate delays and reverbs on the clean and crunch/lead channels so instead of adding another delay pedal on the clean loop and seperate reverb pedals on each fx loop could i not just add a programmable rack effects unit that has two processors. I.e.

Free sample packs and sound effects for you.

Hello guys. I know websites that music producers can use to score free samples and loops for their music. The secret is knowing where to look. So, I’ve made the process even easier by compiling a list of websites that offer free samples and loops that you can use in your next project. Many of these sites vary from major sound databases like Freesound . org to small blog sites dedicated to a particular niche.

Guitar effect order.

This is going to come across as a stupid question from someone who has played guitar for over 47 years... but..
What order would you put chorus, delay in?. I have mostly played acoustic guitars all these years. The last time I really dabbled in single effects units plugged into each other, I'm pretty sure I just went with whatever sounded good, used flanger, chorus, phaser, delay, compressor, EQ.

How do I make this Trap rising / falling synth effect sound?

It's heard in some trap songs. I've heard young chop was the one to first design it, but I'm really not sure on that. I haven't been finding much information on it. I'm wanting to nearly exactly replicate it. Though, I'm not concerned about the water bubble noises, just the synth(s). If anybody knows how, please share, thank you.

Noob question about Rack effects to USB interface!

Hi everyone,

I'm reasonably new to recording and have never used Rack Effects before. I have been given an Alesis Micorverb 4. Now this is the stupid question bit -

Can I run my guitar into the input of the Alesis and then a cable from the output to the USB audio interface I am using? I would presume not as there is a left (mono) and right output on the Microverb. I am using Logic Pro X.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance