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Distressor or Drawmer 1969?

I'd like my finished PT24 mixes to go through a nice compressor before I mix to analog tape but I can't decide between a pair of distressors or drawmer 1969. I've never used either of these and have only heard great things about them. The goal, of course, is to get that final bit of laquer on a mix, take some of the digital edge off, when going to tape.

Anyone had experience with these?


nrgmusic Tue, 02/20/2001 - 13:04

Originally posted by Fletcher
I'm quite enamoured with the 'Bomb Factory' plugs for 'PT'.
FWIW and I am aware that my opinion means not a lot, I have just downloaded a demo of these Bombfactory plugs and I think they are f******ing awesome. By far and away the best sounding PT plugs I have heard yet!!

Simon ;)

West Of Essex Tue, 02/20/2001 - 16:03

"They played a song by the 'Motels' followed by a song off the new 'Dave Mathews Band' album. The new "DMB" song sounded like it had been a case study in "constant 6kHz".

I actually had to turn it down to hear the song!! It was compressed, it was constant, it was bright, it was one heap big loud motherfucker. It was musically interesting once I got it so it didn't scream at me."

Respectfully, I'm not sure that this convinces me of the joys of overcompression. Unfortunately, I'm in the minority these days. Seems that compression is popular today as gated verb was in the mid 80s. I'm hoping that some sort of "turn it down so I can hear it better" movement kicks in so I can enjoy pop tunes again on a good system for longer than 10 minutes.


osmuir Tue, 04/03/2001 - 10:18

now, i'm just biased because i have a mastering engineer in the family, but i think "yea, it's a good idea to avoid too much compression on the mix"

but he're what i started doing:RNC into line inputs of my pendulum MDP-1. yea, that's a mic preamp. and it sounds fucking great. so i compress a little bit, than go out through the balanced [or i think they are, but transformerless...anyway, they got 3 pins!] outputs on the mic pre into my apogee to my mixdown DAT...

i use the mic pre for the make up gain. aren't i a smart youngster? riiiiight.

anyone else think this is a cool idea?

also, you get a mic pre out of the deal.

basicly i was just trying ot find a way to get my RNC to output to the apogee w/out running through a lil mackie.

and question, cause i'm a reletive compression youngin'

how should i set up my RNC to act like a hardcore pre a/d peak limiter? i've been testing it out and it's still been clipping my a/d's...transparency is key.