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Distressor Trick

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If you want more bite to your distressor for electric guitar, bass, even vocal- do not plug anything into the stereo link on the back of the unit. Then set the front of the unit to DIS2 (which I'm told boosts even-ordered harmonics) & put it in LINK mode. It adds more distortion. Sometimes the DIS3 works better depending on the instrument. I usually set my attack at 10+, and my release around 2-3.

(icq #5495501 aka jackercrack)


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21 years 3 months

Guest Sun, 02/11/2001 - 18:15
That's a good one. Another of my favorites is to run an RNC in the front at like 25:1, fast attack, fast release, just catching the tippy top of the transient information. Then crank the input so it's clipping the input (just a little bit), back the input off half a number, and run it right at the edge.

Add the "no cable link trick", and some real magic can come out the back