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Hey Opus - First, I found out this BBS likes cookies better than I do, now I know...Here is the text of a message I sent recently to several manufacturers, after getting NOWHERE with Tascam on the subject -

Mixtreme PCI - any chance of drivers that allow "dual line" 24/96 mode with Tascam DM-24? They send 4 channels of 24/96 audio over 1 TDIF conn. in two parallel 48k streams. If you can do this, you may "own" the interface market until somebody else figures it out -
Right now, unless I've missed something, the ONLY way to utilize the TDIF connectors on the back of Tascam's DM-24 mixer as a 24/96 multi-channel interface to a DAW is to buy an RME ADI-8DD, and their Hammerfall 9652 or Digiface, both of which understand (they claim) "dual line" mode of high sampling rate. These two items run between $1350 and $1600 to interface 8 sends/returns at 24/96, or 16 at normal rates.
If the Mixtreme PCI card could do the same thing, there would most likely be a RUSH OF SALES that would justify the development expense. If you have any doubts, check out the line of questions and answers on high sampling rates at the Tascam BBS Digital Mixers Forum.
If you want more info, feel free to email me -

Donald S. Leverich
Once a Knight Productions

P.S. - I've sent this same query to MOTU, Midi Man, Tascam (PCI-822)
Who's going to do it first?

I still would like to be able to get at least 8 channels of 24/96 open between my DM-24 and DAW, and I don't want to use the second slot on the DM. (The first one has an Analog IO, the second is lusting after a Cascade and a 2nd DM.)
I've been following your posts on the Tascam BBS and here, and it seems like you are the "most likely suspect" so far who might be able to find answers or rattle more cages.
I know SoundScape is going thru Mackie-itis AND NAMM, everyone is Namm-ing at least, but it seems like Tascam may have either cut too many corners on the DM-24 to price it as low as it is, or else they are trying to use it to bludgeon more people into buying their $4000 HDR by not making 24/96 even possible except to their own stuff. Any insight you (or anyone else) can provide to help me figure this out ? Thanks for any (more) help you might give. Steve

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