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Hey everybody. I want to improve my mic closet. Since my only dynamic mics are a 57 and a 602, one of the above three mics is probably a safe bet.

These 3 all are large diaphram dynamics that seemt to be used in very similar roles: vocals, guitar amps, kick drums (at least the 421 and the RE20 get used there), bass amps, snare (at least the 421 seems to get used there), sax (at least the RE 20 and SM 7b seem to get placed there by some people). But the RE 20 is almost twice the price of the 421, with the SM 7b sitting between them.

Can anyone give me insight into why they're so different in price, or which is the better mic. Also, which could get used most often for vocals?



RecorderMan Fri, 07/18/2003 - 08:54

The sennheiser 602 is nice kick drum mic...I just has the pleasure of using one last week:

Hmm tough you posted, all three are good. The RE20 is kind of like a dynamic U47. The SM7 (one of my very favorite mics) isn't a large diaphram (same as the sm57 I believe) but is very functional.
So...since you already have sm57's lets (for now) leave that clour alone. And since the 421 is a lot cheaper ..I'd say get that. Either way you can't really lose..they're all good mics.
421's are great (also) on kick, gtrs, horns..Heck Don Smith even uses it in the large sound hole on a grand piano for mono/rock piano..very rugged & verastile.

anonymous Fri, 07/18/2003 - 18:03

Hey guys, thanks for the info. Of the three then, I think I'm leaning towards the 421 mk II then.

Has anyone heard the 431 mk II? I know the 441 is also supposed to be a great mic, but I can't recall anyone mentioning the 431 anywhere.

Also, I should consider the M 88 in the same league as these dynamics, right? It is about the same price as the 421.

Clearly, they're all good with great reputations and histories. I guess I'm going to have to get one of each, eventually.


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