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Gig recording this weekend

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Hi All,

i need some help recording my housemates gig this weekend.

Its guitar and vocals, with a couple of solos thrown in here and there from a second guitar. the vocals go to one amp and the guitars each go to their own.

i recorded on a camcorder last time and i must admit i was pleasently surprised by the result, so i always have that to fall back on.

This time round, however, i have my brand new multimix to add in to the chain. I dont have enough mic's to mic each amp, so i was thinknig if anyone could recomend an ambient micing technique that would be better than the camcorder without having to throw the gain up to max and suffer the hiss? Or maybe cut out the board and record straight into the mic in on the camcorder?

I have a £50 and a £10 mic to play with, both unbranded and both dynamic. I dont want to go out and splash £50 on a new mic just for this once off when i have couple of sm57 and 58's on their way for the next one.

Your help, as always, much appreciated.