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How do i hear my playback in garage band

Hey everyone. I know i know. Still just garage band one. But ijust had a few questions. 1. How do i hear my playback in garage band through my KRK monitors if i have them hooked throuugh my DAW, a digi002 with protools. 2. How can i have seperate drums tracks if I'm using a software instrument such as the ones included with the garageband or my drums from hell superior. 3. How recording a real instruments through my digi002 into garage band and what settings must be on the digi002 in order to do this properly. 4. Why is it a regular with recording where whenever you get excited because you think you finally figured something out, something else doesnt work or isn't set right. hahahahaha. the last question is a joke. But any help would be great though. as always -Ron