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How the pros reduce noise?

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Ok so I engineered my first major label record. the single I did is all over MTV yadada they are getting big. The guy who mixed it Michael Patterson did a great job. So i just got a copy of the album and there is a couple of tracks on the record that were so noisey it was unbelievable. The guy had done them on his sound blaster 16 card but they were the only cvopies of the loop so we were using then. I know Michael mixed it at unique but there is no noise floor and some of this stuff was like just so noisey yet the record is perefect you never hear any of it. So what I am wondering is how the hell did he get to where he did? I hate evewr thinking there is some voodoo to making records cause I know there is not but I just heard the completed record for the first time and am kinda blown away.
Jesse Cannon


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Mixerman Tue, 09/04/2001 - 19:00
There are many things that one can do to reduce noise. For starters, you can do allot of noise reduction with some drastic EQ. You won't erradicate the noise, but you can put it in a frequency that is masked by other elements of the mix. Gating can be used effectively, even on a loop to reduce the amount of audible noise.

Automation can go a long way in dealing with noisy tracks as well.