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Getting that noise from the guitar where when you touch the strings it stops, but also discovered that it only does it when the guitarist is holding the guitar in the playing position, i.e. the pickup is facing out away from the guitarist. Noticed that when we turn the guitar around so that the back is facing out, the noise stops. We're in a residential finished basement. I turned off what I thought would be all the possible sources of the interference but can't seem to figure out what's causing this. I ruled out any of the audio equipment because I plugged directly into the mixer and listened in the headphones. Any ideas or suggestions to find the source of the interference that causes the power hum?


KurtFoster Thu, 08/09/2018 - 10:37

well then you have a serious RF problem in your studio. i don't think there's a fix other than to suss it out and address it. i've seen studios that actually installed Faraday cages to get rid of RF.

Davedog is an electrical-tishan guy. maybe he has an idea?

often its the culmination of a number of things and not just one issue causing hum. wires gone loose at the wall connections, worn outlets, anything that could be arcing can cause hum. a bad transformer in the neighborhood could be the culprit. somemtimes a balanced power transformer will help but i bought on once and i still had to hire an electrician and call the power company to chase down all the problems.