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I heard that somebody talk about posiblity of setup 2 pairs of Studio Monitor thru a Mixer (Control Room output and Master Output).

May i know do posible to setup 2 pairs of Studio Monitor with the below cheap Mixer?If yes, How do it control and switch each other when audition on Mixing stage?


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bent Sun, 05/25/2008 - 12:10

yes - Control Room Out to nearfields.

Main L/R out to main (large) speakers.

Your last question is kinda irrelevent...

But here's a short answer:

The Control Room outputs usually follow the main faders unless you hit a solo button on a channel, an aux, VCA, whatever... then they follow that soloed section.

The main L/R outs are (if you don't have a Solo Mode button) usually tied to and dependent on the channel strips...

(A Solo Mode button allows the AFL/PFL (solo) buttons to go to the mains - this is bad news if you're running a big show at FOH and don't pay attention...)

The Solo Mode on a PM4K is referred to as a Cue/Solo Mode Switch, in case you were wondering...

Kev Sun, 05/25/2008 - 14:55

it's all about the solo feature
and depends on how the desk works
I probably wouldn't use the master outputs
since I don't use a Master Two Track anymore even though the DAT machine still lives there and I can use the meters
so I guess I would use the Master Output for meters and distribution to other rooms etc
perhaps even a possible cue send ... HP for the producer
this can also depend on how the Talkback is set up

if the desk doesn't have speaker switching / output switching then a simple crash switcher can throw the output to various monitoring systems

this can get tricky if you are sharing amplifiers with passive speakers and also using powered speaks

The advantage of each speaker system having an input sector is that you can monitor many of the outputs of the desk ... including the cue send

I use the same basic idea to feed each of the monitoring systems
Main and secondary monitoring
Each of the Headphone systems ... including the control room headphone system

use a shorted input of the switcher to create a mute position
to switch A/B requires you to mute one system as you turn on the second
this gets hard if you have three systems in the control room

there are many ways to set things up

Kev Sun, 05/25/2008 - 15:33


I got to thinking about this since I posted it

Master Outputs
I guess you have to decide if you want to just listen to this
to use it as a mix point to feed the main AtoD
either back into the main DAW on two seperate inputs
or to a seperate Master DAW


I'm doing it again


it's 4ft and off shore
I'm heading out for a surf

ray1018 Sun, 05/25/2008 - 19:04

Hi there,

Thanks for the useful reply..
i just try to use Control Room output to a Monitor and the Output to an other Monitor, But situation as below:

1)when i turn on Control Room volume the Main Mix Volume can't be Off...means at the same time Both Monitors are On.

2)When i try to turn off the Main Mix Volume...However i push up the volume of Control Room...there are no sound out from there!


bent Mon, 05/26/2008 - 13:10

Can't you turn down the volume knob on the monitors you don't want on?

Probably can, but you're talking a major hassle if they are out of reach behind a desk or hanging on the wall... Like mine...

This is why I suggest a switcher or (preferrably) a new mixer.

Along those same lines I'd suggest a patchbay if someone has a need to change their setup every session... Like me...

Kev Mon, 05/26/2008 - 16:09

AwedOne wrote: Some of us do better with drawings. How about one?

err yeah
there is a lot of things I should do
one of these days when I find my inspiration I'll get back to building and updating the DIY Factory

in the mean time a look at an old incomplete page

find the Presonus ... MonitorStationWebHook.pdf ... and there is a drawing near the end

CraneSong may have a drawing for thier controller

I'll think about uploading a drawing

found this at the Factory
don't remember who or how this came about but it was a passive solution to a specific problem

when working passive the output impedance and drive capability will be a big factor
each situation needs to be analysed in context