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I bought this reamp box, it is a brand from Argentina widely used in my country.
The Reamp Box is a pasive direct box to addapt impeddancies. Its function is to convert balanced to unbalanced lines in while adapting their levels and impedances to the values ​​required for equipment amplifiers instrument inputs high or low gain.The REAMPBOX must be connected to a balanced line output via XLR cable or hose. It's output is sent to the instrument input of a guitar or bass amplifier.
ATTEN control adapt the output level of the REAMPBOX to the input sensitivity of the amplifier.
The REAMPBOX has a switch to enable / disable the grounding of the balanced output. In XLR GND position is connected to ground and in open position it rises that connection.

I am planning record the bass flat and then reamp with a VT dlx (with 2 signals? one clean and other dirty?) and a sadowsky preamp (for some high fi tone?)
I can also reamp my compressor dbx 160A.
For some additional info we use NUENDO and a Saffire pro audio interface.
I really don't know how to make the connections...
Is there a kindhearted person/soul willing to help me, please?


moonbaby Thu, 09/06/2012 - 12:46

I LOVE that "XLR cable or hose" transalation...In English, a "hose" is what carries liquid (mainly water), like what the fireman would use to project water onto a fire.
The whole idea of the reamp box is to take the line-level output of a playback device and "condition" it so that it can be properly played into the Hi-Z input on a musical instrument amplifier. Then you would usually "mic up" the amp's speakers and route that mic to a different track to record on.
I looked at what Focusrite offers in their Saffire Pro interfaces, and I don't see anything that has an XLR output to run into your Magic Eye reamp box's XLR input socket. All of their line outs are 1/4" TRS, so you will need a cable with a male XLR on one end and a 1/4" TRS plug on the other end. This would connect one of the line outputs on the interface to the XLR input on the reamp box. Then you would need a cable with a female XLR on one end (for the OUTPUT on the reamp box) to terminate in a 1/4" TS plug that would plug into the amp (or preamp) that you want to process the signal. I have no idea as to what products are available in your area of the world to do that connection, so you might want to ask your dealer that sold you the reamp box.
Reamping through the Sadowski (or other) preamp, you would take the line out from the preamp instead of using a speaker with a mic on it.
As for the dbx 160A, if you REALLY want to do this...same deal as the preamp.
Sorry that I can't explain the details on what to switch on your Nuendo software, I believe that will determine which output of the interface you can direct the track to...
Also, once you record the reamped signal, be prepared to adjust the delay time on the track.


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