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Direct bass overloading/clipping

I'm recording a bass direct into my DAW and getting a lot of clipping/popping/overloading, and I can't quite figure out where the problem is. To get the particular sound I want from this bass part, I have to hit the strings quite hard--harder than I normally play. Going direct into my Focusrite 2i2's instrument input, I would get pops on the pick attack.

It's a Bank Holiday - if you are bored here's a bass quiz.

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A group I'm in to do lockdown quizzes - got us all to do a nominated round - I got given a bass round to do. Now it's over I'll share it if anyone is bored silly!

Basically - the bass line from ten songs that I've played live at UK holiday centres, cruise ships and theatres over the years. Played as is - so yes, there are mistakes, but it was a quick and dirty quiz, so I know I messed quite a bit up, but that's life. If you fancy a go - most quite easy, but a few kick you when you get the answers.

Too much bass in DI guitar signal

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so I've just gotten into recording and for some reason my DI guitars are always waaay too bassy with a complete lack of presence. Is there a way to change the DI EQ without always having to do it afterwards?

I'm using a Squier John 5 tele straight into a Focusrite Scarlett 3rd gen solo interface. When I use EQ to get rid of the low end, the guitars start sounding thin and harsh. I've tried a bunch of different amp sims and IRs and even tho they sound great with everything at noon in YouTube videos, they are unusable for me and I have to do some extreme tweeking.

annoying bass in CD remasters

I listen to some of the new remasters like the new Beach Boys 67 and a few others and sometimes the bass is
(to me) way too loud, and its in that 100-250hz area. And CD's like the remastered Jimi Hendrix Isle of Wight has muddy midrange. I listen on an Oynko Hi-hi CD player, through Sony v506 headphones which are less bassy than alot i hear. I notice this on my home recordings too (Tascam Dp008 and Audicity...monitoring

Bass drum mics review and how to mix them !

In this video, I demo some bass drum mics and show you can EQ them to fit in a mix. Sennheiser E602 II Sennheiser MD421 AKG D112 Shure SM57 Audio Technica Pro25 Microphone-parts DiY T47

Sennheiser E602 II
Sennheiser MD421
AKG D112
Shure SM57
Audio Technica Pro25
Microphone-parts DiY T47

Taylor GS Mini Bass

Anyone here ever used the GS Mini Bass?

I'm thinking about getting a starting bass for one of my daughters whom I’m proud to say is an accomplished pianist already.

She's expressed interest in the bass and this GS Bass looks pretty cool. Would this be loud enough "acoustically" along with acoustic guitars and vocals in a group setting? Would it be a good bass to learn and work with others playing acoustic music?
How does it sound live, how does it record and how does it sound plugged into a bass amp?

Watching this:

Mahogany Vs Basswood For Guitar Body

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Hey everyone,

im looking into buying a 'beater' guitar to mess around with while my house is under re-model, and im assembling the first phase of my remote recording rig, website, ect. i also want to use it to learn soldering and guitar mods on. needless to say, i already feel bad for the guitar. lol.

CR78: Vienna bass and snare

As I teach myself to be a better sound engineer on my home setup, I'd like to turn the weedy Roland CR78 samples I've transferred to my Steinberg Groove Agent into something a lot more powerful-sounding. This is a useful exercise in EQ and FX for me. So far, I've done rather poorly - the bass drum in particular just sounds worse.

On Ultravox's 1980 recording of Vienna, the drum machine has been massively beefed up, better than I've heard it on any other track. What did Warren Cann and Conny Plank do to that machine to make it sound so punchy? I'd welcome ideas.

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