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Direct bass overloading clipping

I'm recording a bass direct into my DAW and getting a lot of clipping/popping/overloading, and I can't quite figure out where the problem is. To get the particular sound I want from this bass part, I have to hit the strings quite hard--harder than I normally play. Going direct into my Focusrite 2i2's instrument input, I would get pops on the pick attack.


Roland CR78: Vienna bass and snare

As I teach myself to be a better sound engineer on my home setup, I'd like to turn the weedy Roland CR78 samples I've transferred to my Steinberg Groove Agent into something a lot more powerful-sounding. This is a useful exercise in EQ and FX for me. So far, I've done rather poorly - the bass drum in particular just sounds worse.

Bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar ONE pedal?

Hi! Right now I have a Digitech BP90 bass pedal and I like the outboard effects because they are quick to navigate different presets with the foot and all. I also own an Acoustic and i'm planing on getting an electric.
My question is, is it possible to find one pedal that's good for all three guitars?

Recording Upright Bass

Hi gang.
I have a good friend, whom I have played with, both live and in the studio for many years, he's a great bass player, very melodic and tasteful, whom I am calling in to track an upright bass for a song that has an early 1950's sort of Capitol Records vibe ( think Sinatra, Bennet, Cole, etc).
I'm looking for suggestions on mic choices, preamp choices and placement.