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If i register with BMI, will that stay with me?

Alright, i'm a 17 year old juinor going to IU for recording arts in a year and half, then starting an indie lable/studio. i've got a small in house studio(Mackie VLZ1402,kontroll49,mirage,tube mp, node nt1, beta 58, 58, 57, AKG 125, Alesis sr-16, Wavesdiamond, acid pro 5, reason 3.0, Furity Loops, turntables)Been recording for almost a year now, decent studio time sales *$20 hr* just put out a very succesful mixtape of original music, and dont know where to go now.
I've got 4 songs that i really like, and am thinking about sending demos to out to all those in the Indie Bible and whatnot, i dont know if i'm rushing this, only after around a year, i want them to hear this sound, but later i dont want to be handicaped by what i've sent in before.
Also i know its very early but i would like to get on BMI and register the name i'm using for the company. If i register with BMI, will that stay with me or the "company"?
I've got a myspace ( if your interested in what it sounds like), soundclick, and . another one i dont use, what are some other good online places?

Thank you for your time and consideration


Pro Audio Guest Tue, 03/28/2006 - 09:32
Of course, you can and should join BMI (or ASCAP).

Professional Requirements

As a songwriter, you would need to become a BMI songwriter/composer when:

Your works are about to be commercially recorded and released.
You have written/co-written or composed a song which is or is likely to be performed on radio, television, internet, etc.
You must be at least 7 to apply on-line. If you are under the age of 7, then please click on the following link to request a paper application:click here
If you are under 14, then please make sure your parent is with you so they can co-sign the documents.
If you are under 18, then please make sure your parent/legal guardian is with you so they can co-sign the documents.

Make sure you register your songs with the Library of Congress first:

These songs will then be registered to you, and you will have the opportunity to generate some income from BMI and to defend your exclusive right to copy your own songs.