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as the subject implies, i'm wondering about the quality of the preamps in these old altec 1220 mixing boards

it's impossible to test it out in the store, so if anyone has any comments, please, let me know

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droog Fri, 07/26/2002 - 15:07

it's a solid state piece, and what from what i've gleaned off the net, it was the first professional live mixing console from the very early seventies

ther is precious little other info available, but i'm going to take fletcher's advice, open it up, and try to learn electronics through it

from what i saw inside, it's built with discrete components, and the quality of build is quite solid (suffice to say, it's still working after 30 years, will my behringer?)

i'll let you know what it's like in use (my brother has kidnapped it to record a visiting russian songmeister)

thanks for the reply,

KurtFoster Sun, 07/28/2002 - 08:21

All that old Altec stuff sounds great! It's so cheap because there was a lot of them manufactured as opposed to more "vintage" stuff like Neve, Telefunken and Siemens. If your only other pre amp option is a Beheringer you could record through a piece of dog flop and get better results. You certianly can't go wrong with the Altec. Fats oops... sorry that was so harsh!