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To KSM27 or Not to KSM27

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OK.....what do you guys think....Should I buy a KSM27? I'm sick of buying noisey so called great low price mics and I know Shure doesnt make crap. Please flood me with you opinions. Thanks.


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droc8705 Tue, 11/20/2007 - 09:27
get'll love it.

i bought one a few weeks ago and already want another one. not bad at all for the money. i actually like it on some stuff better than my AT-4050 and NT2-A. if you're patient, you can get one under $200 on eBay, which is where i got mine.


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21 years

Member Fri, 11/30/2007 - 14:45
I'm not too knowledgeable when it comes to audio gear or even in how to use most of them with their respective applications, but I've still managed to get an amazing sound out of my KSM27 through a cheap Behringer mixer.

Can't say I've mastered putting it to instrumental recording, but I'm a voiceover hobbyist, and for voices, it sounds just absolutely amazing.