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Level set up tips when self recording, how do I ?...

Hey Gang,,,

One day when i finally get my home project studio built, I plan to go with control room and 1 record room,

Other then the trial and error of recording a bit, going back and checking levels etc, are there any tips out there for working alone when wanting to set record levels from another room, or same room for that matter, but in the spot you're supposed to record in ?




RemyRAD Wed, 03/08/2006 - 11:40
Well, once with my remote truck, I was hired to do a mix down at a home 8 track ADAT studio. They did not want to bring the ADAT out to my truck. So I pulled the microphone snake indoors, connected the ADAT to it but was bewildered about how I would control the machine? He had the small remote-control that was on a 1/4" connector. So I interfaced that through my 250 foot snake and it worked for the most part. I did not have full function but at least I had the ability to control the basics of the transport and voilà! It was pretty cool! Now I was not able to monitor the recorders levels but that was not important. In your case, I think the only solution is like flying a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). You've got to see where you're going otherwise you crash and burn. But doing it your way by going back and forth is probably good exercise?

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RemyRAD Mon, 03/06/2006 - 20:49
Well many control rooms are now designed as the studio as well. Like Bruce Swedien's, it is a large control room studio, with a Neve in it!

If you must go with the level set from afar, might I suggest a video camcorder on your console meters, with a monitor in the studio close enough to you so that you can see your levels. Keep in mind however that the horizontal sync from the TV set will definitely play a predominant role in your recorded sound at 15,750 hertz! So I don't recommend that while you are recording but merely for your level settings since you don't have a "A2" (assistant engineer) to aid you in your level setting. Also do not make the mistake by getting too close to your microphone as that sounds rather Tubby. Make sure that you are at least a few inches away from the capsule of your microphone.

Does this suggestion help? Or am I completely misinterpreting your question??

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Pro Audio Guest Tue, 03/07/2006 - 05:50
Thanks Remy

It's an idea, short of turning my screen monitor around if I make a window between the two rooms,,

I plan to record vocals, acoustic, amped electric, bass and B-vocals,,,

I suspect there's no way around the long process of the back and forth method, ( control room or studio) when recording alone..

Thanks for the input, if I come up with anything I'll post it .