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I noticed on the Lucid site, in the information for the new GENx6-96, that the list price of the GENx-6 was supposedly reduced to $499 as of Sept. 30. Has anyone seen this reflected in dealer prices yet?

here is the link:

For the lazy, like me, here is the quotation:

About the NEW GENx6-96:

Generates word or superclock at 44.1 or 48kHz
Generates word clock at 88.2 or 96kHz
Front panel switches for format selection (word or superclock) per output
Locks to incoming AES, word, or superclock
MSRP $699
Shipping mid October 2001
In comparison with the GENx6:

Generates word or superclock at 44.1 or 48kHz
Front panel switch for global format selection (word or superclock)
Locks to incoming AES, word, or superclock
MSRP $499 (effective September 30, 2001)

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MMazurek Wed, 11/07/2001 - 16:16

I bought a GenX6 from Mercenary Audio.

Hooked it up, and it made a WONDERFUL difference in just my stock 888 digi set-up.

I advised Samara at Mercenary that I need both word AND superclock outs (for verbs, etc..) and she let me send it back (3 mo's ago) advising me that this new one was comming soon (GenX6-96).

She paid the shipping for the return, and followed up TWO MONTHS LATER to let me know the new unit was shipping.

I'll be ordering it shortly.

FANTASTIC service.

Guest Wed, 11/07/2001 - 17:39

According to the Lucid website (unless I am misreading) the GENx-6 also has both word and superclock, so I'm a little confused as to why you needed the newer model. By the way, I am not in any way dissing the service or expertise (or the usual pricing) at Mercenary, but when I called today and asked how the list price reduction on the GENx-6 translated into the street price, I was told by one of Fletcher's employees (Jay?) that, yes, the list was now $499, and Mercenary's price was... $500. (gulp!) Regional and Red Sox loyalty aside, I guess I better try that West Coast dealer. $150 savings is still a hefty chunk of change to us little dogs.

Patrick Wed, 11/07/2001 - 17:47

The GENx-6 can send either word or superclock, but not both at the same time.
Maybe Mercenary has some stock that they put in before the price was reduced. If that's the case, I should think that the manufacturer would give them some kind of a credit or rebate on unsold stock, but then, I know nothing about the retail business!!! It's great for us consumers if the price goes down, but I guess it's hard if the dealer who actually carries things in stock gets hit for it. (There sure are a lot of "stores" out there that don't have much in stock! Maybe that's why they call them "virtual" :roll: )

sjoko Wed, 11/07/2001 - 21:34

The GEN6 is 48kHz max, and outputs either word or superclock on all 6 channels.

The GEN6-96 is up to 96kHz, and each channel outputs either word or superclock. It was designed especially for systems like pro tools. Put it on a PT system and the improvement is pretty astonishing.

Both the 6 and the 6-96 are substantially better than other clocks on the market, even those costing many times more (which is also all of them). The reason is that they were developped for audio only - so they don't have / need all the features normally found clocks, like video blackburst etc. The reason they are better / lower jitter, is for the same reason, they do without the not-neccissary-for-audio bits.

We've dropped the price of the 6 to $345 and are selling the 6-96 for $525