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lucid audio

Lucid R3-- transparent mic pre with optional jfet based harmonic drive

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14 years 5 months
Lucid R3-- transparent mic pre with optional jfet based harmonic drive. As well it has a tuneable high pass(5hz to 1khz), tuneable low pass(20k to 500hz), polarity,phantom power and de-pop circuit.

The power supply is a regulated LC filtered linear supply with emi noise filtering, surge and transient protection(+-18vdc and 48v). The phantom power has its own transformer to avoid pulling down the main rails when using older mics. The power supply noise is less than 1mv peak to peak.

Lucid AD9624 - DOA out of the box

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21 years
Hello all,

It's hell that this happens on a weekend without access to tech support .... so you all can help me :D .

Just received my first ever outboard AD (Lucid 9624). Was anxious to try it out...hooked it up in between my Benchmark MPS420 pre and Masterlink. Everything is plugged into a Furman PL8, BTW...

Rosetta 800 or Lucid GenX6 for master clock?

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21 years
I posted this in recforums with little feedback:

When I purchased the 800, everybody said it was hands down a better clock. So I have the 800 as master, with a cable to the
Lucid Genx6 which distributes to everything else in the studio.

This seems a bit kludgey.

The argument for keeping it this way is that you want the master
clock in the same box as the conversion.

I run at 24/44 most if the time.

Would it be equivalent to run the Genx6 as the master instead?


Lucid 9624 or Apogee Rosetta or ?

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21 years
I am currently using a MOTU 2408 MKII and am interested in upgrading the converters for at least two channels. I have spent a considerable amount of time getting the MOTU linked my PC running Cubase and my Yamaha O1v (ADAT Lightpipe), and I don't want to trash this set up. I am looking at the Lucid 2496 or the Apogee Rosetta. Both appear to be able to transfer digitally through the MOTU using S/PDIF. After perusing the board I can't really decide. It's really hard to A/B this stuff...

having some problems with lucid converter.

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19 years 6 months
I JUST got my lucid converters, and I totally tricked out my computer in preparation for the incorporation of pro audio. I haven't set up my AD9624 yet, but I did setup my DA9624 (via optical S/PDIF from my rme hammerfall digi9652). Anyway, when I first hooked up my DA9624 directly to my KRKV8's, aside from being WAYYYYY too loud (that's another issue), I noticed that the majority of the sound was coming from the left speaker. Not a huge majority, but more than from the right speaker.

Output mod for Lucid GENx6?

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20 years 6 months
I coulda sworn I saw a post on here recently about changing the resistor values on the outputs of the Lucid GENx6 wordclock generator, in order to allow it to drive a Waves L2. Something about the L2's WC input requiring a higher peak-to-peak voltage than other gear.

Does anyone know the specifics of this resistor mod? I can't find it anywhere for the life of me.

Lucid A/D9624 and 2408 spdif noise

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19 years 9 months
Hi Guys: I can't figure this one out. Please help me. My set up is: d8b,lucid genx6,lucid A/D9624, and a 2408. My problem: I'm getting noise on the left side of the spdif input on the 2408(spdif 1). Spdif 2 works perfectly. It's not the A/D9624. I can take the spdif out of the 9624 and go to a DAT and it's clean. I can also take the AES/EBU out and that is clean. I can go from the spdif out of my DAT into the 2408 and it works perfectly. When I go spdif out of the 9624 to spdif in on the 2408, I get noise. Only on the left side. I first thought it was the A/D 9624 and sent it back to Lucid.