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Lucid 9624 or Apogee Rosetta or ?

I am currently using a MOTU 2408 MKII and am interested in upgrading the converters for at least two channels. I have spent a considerable amount of time getting the MOTU linked my PC running Cubase and my Yamaha O1v (ADAT Lightpipe), and I don't want to trash this set up. I am looking at the Lucid 2496 or the Apogee Rosetta.

Output mod for Lucid GENx6?

I coulda sworn I saw a post on here recently about changing the resistor values on the outputs of the Lucid GENx6 wordclock generator, in order to allow it to drive a Waves L2. Something about the L2's WC input requiring a higher peak-to-peak voltage than other gear.

Does anyone know the specifics of this resistor mod? I can't find it anywhere for the life of me.

Lucid A/D9624 and 2408 S/PDIF noise

Hi Guys: I can't figure this one out. Please help me. My set up is: d8b,lucid genx6,lucid A/D9624, and a 2408. My problem: I'm getting noise on the left side of the S/PDIF input on the 2408(S/PDIF 1). Spdif 2 works perfectly. It's not the A/D9624. I can take the S/PDIF out of the 9624 and go to a DAT and it's clean. I can also take the AES/EBU out and that is clean.