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I'm looking to upgrade my recording studio console. I'll be tracking up to 16 live tracks, and this board will be used for recording only. I've seen/heard the Midas Venice in a live situation before but never in the studio. I know it's intended for more of a live usage, but the 16 pre/post fader direct outs are very appealing to me since that directly applies to my recording setup. I recently found the Soundcraft Ghost LE. I'm not positive of the direct out capability on this board, I know the LX7ii has direct outs.

If you are unfamiliar with the LE, it's basically the Ghost that has no computing for MIDI and such, which I'll have no use for, so they cut the price about $1000 cheaper than the standard board. The prices of both consoles are relatively similar.

I currently do all of my mixing in the computer and output a stereo signal back to the board for monitoring. I don't mind doing this, and am quite comfortable with it, so 16 channels back to the board from the computer isn't crucial, the steady 2 should be fine.

Which would you recommend for my application?

Midas Venice 240
Soundcraft Ghost LE



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