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Soundcraft Ghost


The Ghost console comes in 16, 24 and 32 channel frames, all expandable via a 24-channel module. Signal level indication is standard on each channel, plus there's an optional meterbridge with 12-segment channel meters and 20-segment left/right master meters for the precise metering.

Have Soundcraft Ghost 24 with Automation section. Is this feature good for anything?


As explained, I have a nice clean Soundcraft Ghost 24 with Meter Bridge, and that old Transport Automation Section. It uses MMC Midi Machine Control to control any recorder so equipped. It also has automated channel mute, if I remember correctly.

It's been in a box in storage since 2000, so forgive any errors in memory.

But I want to sell it now (I live in Thailand) so I doubt if anyone would want to pay international shipping. But that's not why I'm here.

Effects units through Soundcraft Ghost

Hi, We have a ghost and have until now used a cheap Zoom 1201 effects unit. Now we bought a Lexicon MPX550 and want to use both. I read through the manual and need your advice on the best way to connect them.

The zoom connects as follows: Stereo AUX 7 goes to the zoom and returns via FX4. This works fine. When you solo an individual track on the ghost you you only hear that track with the effect.

Routing problem on a Soundcraft Ghost

Hi, I have a Soundcraft Ghost 24 and a motu 24i/0 and a pc running sonar. When I route 24 channels from Sonar to the ghost and then want to record the mix down I can't find out the best way to do this.

I can do it using our masterlink CD recorder but it is not exactly time synced so if I then want to re import the mix, it is slightly out. The word clock on the Masterlink and the Motu 24 i/o are not compatable.

Soundcraft Ghost console /power supply noise

Hi there,
I was wondering if anyone had trouble with excessive noise from their Ghost Power Supply ? Mine is 5 years old now and it's started making strange sounds ...a bit like wind whistling through an alley ..but far away umm? ... It's quite disturbing when you live on the moors :?

:( David with LoVE.

Help in Soundcraft ghost recording

Hi! I have a Soundcraft Ghost which I am just getting used to slowly. I use a MOTU 24i/o with it and all the 24 ins and outs of the MOTU connect to the ghost. I want to use a better preamp (focusrite) and go directly into the MOTU 24i/o bypassing the ghost preamp to record vocals. I managed to route the Focusrite directly to one of the MOTU inputs but now I can not monitor the vocals. When I record, I only hear the instruments (no vocals) but when I play back after recording, I can hear it all. Does anyone have any advice?

Soundcraft Ghost - A few quick questions

Hi, Just got our ghost 24 and set it up nicely together with our carillon pc and Motu 24i/o soundcard. I have a few simple questions.

1. GROUPS: Does the summing and stereo spread change when we use groups? Most of the time, we do not need groups so we just route to the left right main channel. Is the quality of the summing better, worse or the same when we use groups?

2. What is PFL/AFL trim?

3. If you use a high end preamp and plug it into channel 1, does it bypass the ghost's own preamp or use it as well?

Soundcraft Ghost power supply upgrade

Hi., I now got my Soundcraft Ghost 24 with mute automation. I think it was a pretty good deal at £750 ($1,200 US). BUT, it came with the old green power supply (PSM 300). After spending hours reading about ghost modifications, virtually everyone says that a better power supply will improve the sound and performance. The newer black powersupply CPS275 is almost as expensive as the desk I bought second hand!

Soundcard for Soundcraft ghost

I will be buying either the Soundcraft Ghost 24 or 32. For the 24, I have so far thought of buying the Motu 24io. Does anyone have a recommendation for excellent sound cards (will be using pc) with either 24 or 36 channels? Sound quality is essential as well as having word clock. I am not very interested in Firewire.

Many thanks!