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Hello, new user here. We've RTFM end to end (all 3 of them) and have an issue we can't get past. Hopefully it's a simple one for someone else.

We can't change any of the voices once we've saved the file as a MIDI, at least not on the keyboard. We can in Cakewalk or some other software. Something tells me this isn't right. The track we try to change the voice in reverts back to the saved MIDI's voice, ignoring the change we just made. After the song begins to play, the voice can be changed, but never gets saved. We've changed all the settings to Manual, made sure all the settings in Global are accurate, the tracks are set to INT, etc. If we use the PCG/SNG files, it's fine. Only when it's saved off as a MIDI.

Any fellow Korg owners out there see this?

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