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Monitor Specs & Crossover?

When reading the spec sheets for monitors it mentions crossover. What is that? Also, what are some important specs (other than sound)I should be looking at when shopping for monitors? Thanks.



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AudioGaff Tue, 01/27/2004 - 20:17

The crossover is a network of components that divide sound frequencies to in a speaker system. For something like a 2-ways monitor, it divides into highs and lows. In a 4-way speaker system it divides it into 4-sections with each speaker component getting only the freq's that it is designed to reproduce. Vrossovers can be either active (AC powered circuit) or passive non-AC powered.

Specs are subjective as to what spec value equals good sound and can not be taken for face value. Your better off choosing a monitor for it's overall sound that apeeals to you and for it's reputation as being a great value added tool than to rely on specs. Just keep in mind that your gonna pretty much get what you pay for. I would not suggest anything lower than about $1000 ea for a good, decent powered monitor.

WDavidW Tue, 01/27/2004 - 22:02

HEY Gaff. That makes sense. I considered your statements on another post that one should spend at least a grand a piece for a good monitor and you also mentioned that if one was to go with Genelec, they should look at the 1030's,31's or 32's. I was originally going to try and spent the least amount possible on monitors but you and others have convinced me of the importance of good monitors (plus I remember what a pain it is to mix and remix and remix and remix and remix...)so I'm going to try and spend as close as I can to your $1000 mark reccomendation. That would put me in the $1800 range for either a pair of Genelec 1030's or Adams P11's or Dynaudio BM6A's. I can't find a place around to listen to them so I'll have to try and convince someone to send me oot a few to try. I've heard a lot of great comments about the Genelecs and some complaints about ear fatigue. I haven't heard anything negative mentioned about the Dynaudios or the Adams only good things. I'll have to try and hear them. Maybe someone can tell me some complaints about theirs :) . Just kidding.

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AudioGaff Tue, 01/27/2004 - 23:19

Well, I don't have a problem with ear fatigue on my 1031's but ear fatigue can happen on any monitor and is often more associated with playing music to loud, simply spending too much time in front of them without a break, a badly tuned room and/or those that keep adding mid to high freq eq to every track because they did such a poor job recording to start with. Any of those monitors you mentioned would be in the good and decent catagory. It is now hip to bash Genelec just like it is to do with Mackie. A lot of those same clowns bashing now were praising them back when they were both new and the hype/buzz was fresh. It seems to happen to most gear at one point or another. Spend a few hours on the web reading the gear list of mid to high end studios and see what they are using. That should give you a clue as what has value to working professionals.