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Hi everybody

Someone can tell me if the dual Neve 33135 preamp/eq module from TLA is a real good stuff? I can buy one for 1500 euro. It seem a little bit old but...
Please, i'm waiting for some info

Thanks a lot

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Denney Wed, 08/18/2004 - 17:43

I remember seeing these for sale by TLA (Tony Larking Audio)about 10 or more years ago. TLA have been in business for quite a long time (I believe it started out under the fathers name - Don Larking Audio) and they were dealing in this type of stuff before the popularity, and prices, went through the roof. The 33135s are indeed modules from a broadcast series desk. The TLA box looked like it was well put together, in terms of racking and such, and, while they're not the 'big daddie-class-A' type of module, they are very nice sounding. I don't know the exact euro to dollar conversion rate off the top of my head but this stuff is getting harder to find and it's not getting any cheaper.
Good luck,