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Hello everybody,

I am very happy to introduce Joker Drum Tracks to you.

Joker Drum Tracks are multi drum tracks, live played with human groove, recorded and pre-edited in a studio.

We are a team of drummer and producer that creates songs with song parts like intro, verse, chorus, c-part and outro for many different styles like rock, pop, hip hop, disco, punk, funk and reggae.

To be flexible and creative in your songwriting and arrangement you get with every JDT song different versions for every song part. These can be arranged by drag and drop from your finder/folder into you daw.

All tracks are .wav-files, 48Khz, 24bit

The multi tracks contains: kick, bass drum, snare top & bottom, toms (from 1 to 3 when they played in that song) hihat, ride, overheads left & right, back drum mic

You also get a stereo mixed track that you can use to get a very quick overview of every part, to arrange your song or you can use it in your production.

The first 10 JDT songs are available at the web store and the next hand full of songs are already recorded and waiting for the processing. More to come as well because we just started jet.

You can pre-listen to every song and every song part at the product pages and can also download a free track to test Joker Drum Tracks at http://

If you have any further questions let me know!

Niels from JDT

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