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Is anyone using this interface? I love it because it's also a physical mixer but it has some quirks which I've noticed on other PreSonus equipment as well.
I use it with Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio and it works fine but after being armed for a couple of hours, seems to need a release and renew of the driver.
In other words, after I've recorded for a couple hours, the recording will get noisy. I simply close the daw and reopen and it's fine.
It's not Mixcraft because it happens in others I've tested as well, like reaper and Samplitude.
Anyone get this sort of behavior out of it?
PC Specs:
AMD FX-8350 8-Core @4Ghz
16GB Ram
2GB video card


dvdhawk Tue, 09/26/2017 - 18:04

Welcome to RO, by the way...

Is it the older SL 16.0.2 that uses Firewire 400, or the newer USB version?

1) If Firewire, is it a TI (Texas Instruments) chipset on your FW card?

2) If USB, have you tried a different USB cable? Not all USB cables are created equal.

I had a similar USB experience back when I was using the first version of the ProTools M-Box. It would work fine for quite a while then it would start writing digital hash. Reset, restart and it was fine for a while again. Once I determined it was the USB cable I never had the problem again. I test it several times changing nothing but the cable, and it was definitely the cable. It was a cable that came with a Sony device, so it wasn't a junk cable and it worked fine with everything else computer related.



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