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Hey there everyone,
along with being a new member here, I am fairly new to home recording. I have been using Audacity and the default mic array for my guitar and vocals, so i have a basic knowledge of mixing. In pursuit for better audio quality i have purchased an Alesis Multimix 4 channel usb mixer and a Shure SM86 condenser mic. I have heard that there are some problems with the multimix as far as backround noise. Also i have found a couple remedies for the situation, like downloading a different asio system than the standard one on my computer (windows 7) or turning down the original recording mic in the control panel. I was wonding if anyone had any expirience in this situation and what the best remedy was for said situation. So being a 4 channel mixer, in theory wouldn't you be able to plugin 1 mic and 3 guitars? Or 4 mics, 1 being vocals and 3 guitars or bass and what not. I know that channels 3 and 4 are stereo inputs so i'm not 100% sure on what the capabilitites are for them. My third and final question is, is their any other software i can download to improve anything in the recording process using the equipment i have?

Thank you for your time and consideration.


KurtFoster Wed, 02/13/2013 - 23:06

i wouldn't worry about noise. almost anything produced these days will have a more than adequate signal to noise levels. gain staging is the key. be sure to keep the pre amps cranked up to provide a good signal level to the recorder without clipping the signal. more is better but too much is bad.
i usually record at about -16 dB to the track. channels 3 /4 are line inputs, suitable for , effects returns, keyboards, line level from guitar pres or mic pres. you could plug guitars into them directly but loading issues (impeadence mismatch) may be a problem. the image shows that channel 1 is intended for di'ing guitars / bass's .....

rule of thumb; it never hurts to just try something bar plugging speaker outputs from an amp into a line input ... that might leave a mark.

as far as software [[url=http://[/URL]="…"]try this[/]="…"]try this[/]