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tascam dr-680

Quiet 2 channel field-recorder for nature recording

I have been happily using the Zoom H4N and have recorded lots of wonderful nature sounds, and now I am looking to bump up the quality of my nature field-recordings by buying a field recorder with QUIET preamps .

BUT, unfortunately I don't have the money for one of those kick-butt Sound Devices machines. .

I done a lot of online research and am just about ready to buy the Tascam DR-680, I have read many users who swear by their QUIET preamps .

best preamp: MOTU 896HD, Tascam DR680, ROLAND R44?

Hi guys,
I need to record piano recitals with 3 or 4 Audio Techinca mics. I use MOTU 896HD with Macbook Pro and Logic Pro, but it isn't really a "portable" solution. So I wonder if Tascam DR680 or ROLAND R44 could be a good solution. In your opinion MOTU's preamps (and generally the recording quality) are better then DR680 and R44, or not? Quality is similar or not?
Thanks for your answers.



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