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rack format vs 500 series format

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I'm still but a babe in the audio world, so needless to say I'm still growing into and learning to operate the gear I've got...but like any good gear nerd, I like to plot and plan for the future. My current thoughts are to buy a 10 slot lunchbox and gradually start adding 500 series preamps (probably some by Vintech and/or api but i'll leave that for another discussion). I like the idea of being able to upgrade slowly as I have the cash until I get to a point where I have enough preamps to ditch my Mackie onyx 1620i and replace with a d/a converter like the lynx aurora or Apogeesymphony.

Anyway, I'm just wondering how you guys like the 500 series format? or do you still find yourself going more for the traditional rack format?


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BobRogers Fri, 03/09/2012 - 09:56
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My take: Pro - lots of great options for preamps, eqs, compressors; could be a good way to go if you are looking for a lot of variety, or if you wanted to create a particular signal chain for one or two vocalists. Con - you aren't saving money until you fill the whole thing up. If your plan is to slowly fill the thing up then you have the fairly big up front cost of the box.