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radio programmers to listen to new music online

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Music Meeting is the only online music preview and distribution service that allows registered radio stations to audition and download music being promoted for airplay. Music Meeting is produced and executed by Liquid Audio and Radio & Records (R&R), the number one trade magazine in the broadcast industry.

Liquid Audio has built custom player software for Music Meeting that allows radio programmers to listen to new music while they check out vital statistics of the artists they're considering for airplay, all from a password-protected site. Record labels can take advantage of Music Meeting's ability to deliver new music securely to radio over the Internet using Liquid Audio's FastTrack Security. This insures that all downloaded music is secure and protects the intellectual property of the artists.

Music Meeting is available free to radio programmers as a password-protected site giving instant access to music being promoted by record companies. To use Music Meeting, users must register through R&R where they will receive an account, a password and will also be assigned specific predetermined rights,such as access to specific formats and options to audition and download songs.

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Member for

21 years 2 months

audiokid Sat, 04/04/2015 - 14:02
I posted this in 2001. I upgraded to Pro Tools Mix so I could start publishing clients through the Liquid Audio network. Its was a really cool concept where you paid them a yearly licence which included a plugin that was attached to Digi software. After a session was done, you uploaded the clients work to the Liquid Network, attached with all the credit and artwork, set the price and they did the rest. It was pretty much what iTunes is today.

I'm posting this because, mark my words, this is going to happen again but in the shape of a collaboration system.
My guess is this will be a fun step before iTunes or other online download stores. We will subscribe to a collaboration network which I'm predicting is part of our DAW systems. I'm thinking Avid is already preparing us. Same as Sonar and PreSonus.
We are going to be leasing our DAW's with an app that connect us all like the Gaming culture, This will enable of to interact with other Avid subscriber which is controlled by our DAW subscription. Will Avid make this exclusive to just their DAW or will we all be welcome to interact/ interface with all our DAW's. That will be the question.

Obviously I don't have it all right and this is just a wild guess, but I think you get the jest of this "prediction".

I bet we see this in the next few years.

Liquid Audio went broke before it even got going. Lucky I owned this site and they refunded me before it all collapsed. The above link is dead but here is some info on Wiki