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Recording on a laptop

I'm new to this recording on computer deal and I am frankly very put off with what I found online already. I remember trying Acid Pro and Audacity years ago but I didn't get much into it. Now I found a cool site called Soundtrap that although it isn't all that advanced instrumentally, it's a whole package... recording and virtual instruments. Some of those virtual keyboards and strings actually sound good. From what I saw so far Soundtrap really stands out from other similar programs in both quality and use. What I don't like about this program is that they require you to use a Google Chrome browser and you must be connected online to use the recording and instrumentation features. This creates all sorts of difficulties for me because in order to stay online with my laptop I would need to use wifi or shell out $300.00 a month in data bills. Keeping a stable creative flow in a public place really is a feat in and of itself and I am not interested in the distractions. I need either a downloadable version of Soundtrap with no internet connection required or directions to another all-in-one program that does the same thing without the internet. (virtual keyboard, instruments and recording) I would pay a few hundred dollars for the software, but I ain't paying a few hundred dollars to record a keyboard tune on a data connection.




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