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Looking for external soundcard w/ coax inputs. Transfer DATs to Laptop

Hi I have lots of DATs I need to transfer to my laptop. I'm looking for an external soundcard that does a straight digital pass through without resampling, unless told to do so. It needs to have coax in and USB out. Please help with suggestions. I'm open to other ideas to get the music to my laptop without unwanted resampling. Thanks!

Grounding issue with laptop power cable/guitar


I have a macbook pro laptop and my audio interface is the Apogee Duet 2. Whenever I plug my guitars into the Apogeeinterface I've got a hum going on. I can get rid of the hum if I take out my laptops power cable however I then have an issue of the laptop overloading frequently (not running at full capacity without power cable) and running out of battery without the power cable.