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Man, this X/Y sounds pretty decent in a small room. What mics are these?…"]View:…]="…"]View:…]


anonymous Thu, 03/27/2014 - 04:27

I thought it sounded just a wee bit "boxy"...but certainly not a deal breaker.

LOL.. funny how different engineers will always have suggestions... we just can't help it.

"I'd take 800 down a db or so.."
"You're crazy. It needs 3k bumped a bit..."
"You're both wrong. HP @ 300!"

I don't know which mics those are.

Of course, having a player that good doesn't hurt, either. ;)

RemyRAD Thu, 03/27/2014 - 10:11

Well... I'm 6 feet from the 40 inch display. Upon closer inspection, they really do look like SM-81's and some kind of Audio Technik-a LDC thingy with a lollipop filter. Of course it sounds a bit boxy because it's in something boxy, a booth. Even though there is no door. Probably the former kitchen? Maybe we're hearing the Ice Boxy? The problem is, he shouldn't have spilled any beer through the F holes before recording this.

It took three condenser microphones where one ribbon microphone would have done very nicely. And then likely, no boxy? No tiki no washy?

Actually, for a home recording, it sounded decent. The engineer was happy he got to use all three of his microphones that once. I really have no complaints. Sounds like any other NPR broadcast I've heard. It'll get the kid what he needs. Nice job.

Reminded me of my dad when he was younger.
Mx. Remy Ann David

audiokid Thu, 03/27/2014 - 12:24

Geez I'm hurt (kidding), I'm surprised it sounded that good. Its why I was wondering about those mics and the XY pointing down on the violin like that. You guys with the golden ears.... :)

I wouldn't have considered recording a violin in a small area, and with that many mics like that but ... look at that I say.
I'm sure if we took the background music out it would really expose the walls but hey, thats where the mix tricks sit and a happy client is, if you get it better than what they expected. No, yes? :coffee: oa ya...
If I was in a jam, and it happens, would I reach for an XY or a 57? Violins are pretty nasty sounding through a SM57. I've been there, oh ya. :notworthy:

I know the background music helped this a lot. As would a Bricasti which is really why I'm particularity listening to this one. As Donny hit it, boxy EQ tweaks and, my little extra, an M7 can have an amazing effect to un-box space and make the client smile with $$. Beer, pizza and more violin please...

Is XY helpful for boxy rooms or? What would do you in this situation ?