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I just got this Music Website Template called AudioDreamer, it's cool I can sell music, clothes whatevs. - does anyone else have one, and how can I promote more traffic to the site. any suggestions.

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anonymous Wed, 06/15/2011 - 05:12

Here are some ways that may help to get more traffic to your sites:
1. A card or flyer gives you an edge because it allows you to leave something behind. Long after your conversation is over, they’ll have it in their hand to remind them to come to your show or visit your website.
2.Get cool t-shirts and hats made to sell—and then wear them around. It’s hard to miss a walking billboard and if the design is nice enough, you’ll have people asking you what it means and where you got it. You can also put your band’s name and website on the shirt. People you don’t even make personal contact with will see you and have the chance to check your music out online.
3. Some people are naturally more outgoing than others. Even if you’re not the talk show host type, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with someone you’ve never met before. If you see someone browsing music in a store, ask if they’ve heard music by a band with a similar sound to yours; or just come right out and ask if they’ve heard of your band and give them a card. Talk to people waiting in line at the store or coffee shop; or just hanging out on a smoke break.
4. Ask your friends and family and most loyal fans to help you.
5. Blogs aren’t just for moms and angry political pundits anymore! There are millions of blogs on different subjects—including music. Make a list of 20-50 good music-related blogs and read them regularly. Then leave comments for the bloggers along with the link to your band’s website.
6.It doesn’t have to be a boring routine, but the key to real success in marketing and promotions is consistency. Have certain days that you read and comment on blogs, update your website, and respond to emails


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