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Where to sell acoustic panels?

I just closed my concert venue in West Columbia, SC, and I have a good many burlap-covered acoustic panels that I need to sell (both 2" and 1" thick, in 24" x 48" and 48" x 96" sizes). Can somebody recommend a good place where I could advertise these to engineers who work in recording studios, churches, or concert venues? (I'm trying ebay too, of course.)

should i or shouldn't i, sell three preamps to get 4/8 channel rack mount

I need to consolidate 3 preamps that aren't rack friendly. I have an api 512c, purple biz, and a groove tubes brick. I want to be able to replace those with a one or two space, 4 or 8 channel preamp. what do you recommend. I want to be able to have all my interfaces and sh*t in a 10u case for ease of portability between my three locations I record at.

Sell Tampa, DMP3 & VTB1 to buy Blue Robbie?

Hi. I've just seen the Blue Robbie preamp on ebay for $599. Would this preamp be worth me selling my Tampa, DMP3 and VTB1? Is the Blue Robbie gonna be much better than what I already have?
Would I be putting all my eggs in one basket and be better off keeping what I already have for different flavours and versatility?


wanna sell my 002r, M_AUDIO comparison?

Hey all, okay I searched and couldn't find an answer...

the day has finally come when digi lets go of their tight ass restrictions. Anyway, I wanna get rid of my 002r and get something to replace it on the m-audio end of things (I also use DP and cant stand the core audio driver hence the need to get something else).


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