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I'm looking for a compatible device to work with my logic pro 9 so it can sync to my Tascam TSR-8.

i need something that will stripe smpte onto tape, then read and convert Smpte into MTC for DAW and Tape Sync.

Ive been looking at the Unitor 8 (not sure if it converts smpte to MTC), the philip rees timecode, or maybe something from Rosendalh. Any advice on what would work with Logic Pro 9 would be greatly appreciated.




Boswell Tue, 09/03/2013 - 02:51

The Saffire 56 has MIDI I/O on the usual 5-pin DIN connectors, so that should work OK with the JL Cooper box or other SMPTE unit.

My having said earlier that the PPS-2 should be easily available on Ebay, there seems to be a drought at the moment. If you can afford to wait a week or so, it's likely that others will turn up.


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