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soundsoap...does it work?

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Hi all. Been a while since I've been on here, but a quick question. I've got a friend who's doing recordings of acoustic guitar and voice with a LDC tube mic (not sure of the brand, specs, etc..) to a Tascam 424 MkIII 4-track cassette recorder. I can get the tapes into my PC no problem. Tape hiss has been an issue thus far. I'm going to go over to his place and give him some pointers about cleaning tape heads, mic placement and gain settings, but I was wondering if it would be worth getting into some decent noise reduction software, such as Soundsoap to remove some hiss. Sure, it would be better if he came over here and did it all here, but honestly, he seems to pull out killer performances about 4 AM sitting around by himself. I'm not up for that! I figure if Soundsoap is worthwhile for this project, I could also use it in other areas (such as converting vinyl and tapes to CD, also getting into sound for video productions). Has anyone got any personal experience using this software? Is it worth it? Thanks! Andy