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Dear all,

My setup is Yamaha Mox6 connected thru USB to a Macbook OSX Lion up to date / Steinberg drivers up to date.

With the same setup using garage band I can record audio track by track, and listening to the previously recorded material through my Yamaha Mox audio interface

When I try to do the same using Live 8 (demo version) playback sound is always awfully distorted.

I tried to load the demo song, plays right through internal speaker but distorted through Mox audio.
I think it is a routing issue but I tried any available option to no avail...

Any help would be welcomed




Guess Guest Sun, 12/23/2012 - 07:25

Check buffer settings (try increasing)
Make sure your AI and sequencer are set to the same sample and bit-rate, and that it's the same as the song was recorded in. (ie, 24bit/44.1khz)
Are you clipping? (hitting or going above digital -0?)

Makes sure your Mox is the selected input and output device in the sequencer and elsewhere.

Other than that, can you describe 'distorted'?

anonymous Sun, 01/27/2013 - 05:30

Check your USB implementation

First, I'm assuming you use the same USB port on the same PC hardware each time.

Some manufacturers (eg. Dell) have internal Windows setup options for USB priority (20%, 10% etc) which basically apportion time to each of several USB ports ON A HUB INTERNAL WITHIN THE PC.

Distortion can arise when the timeslicing effectively interferes with a pure signal in such cases. Also check the other USB peripherals active on the PC. Sometimes there are buffering or interrupt conflicts (like a mouse driver interfering with the USB buffer for your sound data).

Update your drivers from the manufacturer website in any case (for all USB peripherals).