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I am using a Tascam US1800 interface with my PC running windows 7 home premium and pro tools 11.
Periodically when I start pro tools I get a error message from PT that my audio interface is set to a non supported latency setting. Opening the 1800 control panel reveals that the 1800 has reset the latency to normal. I then set it back to low latency, restart PT and all is good until the next time the 1800 decides to reset the latency to what I assume is the default. Has anyone else encountered this issue and if so, is there a solution? Thanks.

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Mojavegary Wed, 02/19/2014 - 16:22

Thank you

DonnyThompson, post: 410584 wrote: You might want to look into ASIO4all. Everyone I've known with a Tascam I/O ends up with issues similar to yours, and installing this driver seems to help.

[[url=http://[/URL]="http://www.asio4all…"]ASIO4ALL - Universal ASIO Driver[/]="http://www.asio4all…"]ASIO4ALL - Universal ASIO Driver[/]

Thank you for your reply. I will check into that driver.