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We've got enough work to keep us gently busy through till around November - all project work that the two of use do in our individual studios, working together and separate linked via the net. Both of us have time for little one offs, but we don't advertise. My colleague is working on music for some teaching resources which doesn't need me much yet, so when I got a call from a Burlesque organisation who wanted some audio tracks for a show in London, I said yes before asking any questions. The job sounded simple - edit a few portions of commercial tracks together. No mention of voice overs, scripts and sound effects. I got the tracks emailed, and then re-downloaded them in usable quality - one was 8 minutes long, started with Big Ben like chimes, clocks ticking and then has random voices in this particular version. One old pop song - Let's talk about Sex, and a couple of contemporary tracks. Recorded the voice over track - which consisted of sections entitled vaginal dryness, lubrication, periods, tampons and the problems of wearing white trousers (pants?) Remember the Paul Hardcastle n-n-n-19? well I now have t-t-t-t-tampons. The dancer who came was lovely and we spent quite a while recording squeaks and friction sounds - rubber gloves on pyrex worked pretty well, then pitch shifting it to make the squeak more er, human - then another sound effect - liquid soap between two hands, making it squelch and blubber. These then got edited in. Plenty of beat matching, cutting and chopping and we have 4 minutes of music with commentary and effects - 6 hours in total. It's not done - I'm waiting for one SFX to come through to be edited in to a gap. The script has interesting cues - crash on big pants (this is UK pants, not US pants - quite different clothing), then something else at bra off, and another at remove big pants, leaving little pants. Beats the usual stuff for variety.

Anybody else get to do strange stuff?

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pcrecord Thu, 07/19/2018 - 12:55

Yeah, I did a series of recording audio and some videos for a Yoga teacher - self proclamed yogi master, tantra master, Tarot and shaman.. Frankly no human can be all this in a life time...
but she paid in time and was trusting me with technical sides of things so I worked on many projects with her.

I had a guy who gave me a piano track of a song from Ed Sheeran. I though he wanted to sing on it but no. He wanted me to put Ed's voice on it ??? The guy was lucky as hell I found a voice only track on youtube and did re-sync the whole thing by hand... (in DAW of course)
He was very happy but informed it was a lucky day and not to ask such a thing again ;)

paulears Thu, 07/19/2018 - 13:35

Ed Sheeran comes from a little place near here - there's a castle, Ed's place - where he wants to build a chapel in the grounds, but the council won't give him permissions and a very posh private college - that is like Hogwarts inside with oak panels and a raised top table. Amazing for a small town/large village.