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Overhead choice for LOUD or LIVE performance drummers?

Hi everyone,

Over the years I've gradually taken on the job of *the guy who records stuff* in the three bands I play in.
My setup is focused on staying portable and leaning towards fast/easy to setup and break down, with all of my mics plugging into a Zoom Livetrak L-20. I don't own any ribbons or tube mics, and unlikely to in the short term.

Live in the studio performance via streaming

Due to the fact that we cannot perform live at the moment we decided to do a live stream from my studio. We performed our CCR Tribute show and I also recorded the live tracks in the DAW. Guitar was played direct via the Kemper and the Bass was played via the Line 6 Helix.

We setup four cameras (vocals, bass, guitar, drums) and filmed the performance.

Ryzen 3000 series closes performance gap with Intel

With its latest release, AMD has closed the performance gap with Intel. The differences apples to apples (core for core) are negligible now.

This means Intel will have to drop prices to stay competitive, and AMD Ryzen is now not only a no compromise option in performance, its a clear winner in performance per dollar.

Beyerdynamic DT770 vs. Ultrasone HFI-780 vs. Ultrasone Performance 840


I'm looking for a new pair of headphones for our church's front-of-house position.
We have 4 different techs and we all have different opinions about headphones.
One guy has a pair of Ultrasone HFI-650s (I think they sound good) and he's recommending Ultrasone Performance 840s (the most expensive of the lot).

Unusual job of the year - performance audio track about menopause!

We've got enough work to keep us gently busy through till around November - all project work that the two of use do in our individual studios, working together and separate linked via the net. Both of us have time for little one offs, but we don't advertise.

Musician wants to edit his own performance

I searched and didn't find any post on this topic, so I hope I'm not duplicating someone else's inquiry.

I record a couple of local classical chamber music series for radio broadcast. For an upcoming gig, the solo classical pianist has asked me to turn over my files from his rehearsal and performance, so he can edit them himself.