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Wondering if there is any word on windows 8 upgrade for R16 or if anyone is using it with windows 8?

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hueseph Sun, 03/24/2013 - 00:10

Version 1.4 seems to be the latest 64 bit version. It should work fine in Win 8. Programs that aren't supported in Win 8 may work fine. The upgrade assistant detects updates which are sometimes unnecessary. I was told several of my programs had updates available however, I didn't upgrade those programs and they still work fine.

RemyRAD Sun, 03/24/2013 - 11:43

Every new operating system goes through its own growing pains. Every other manufacturer also has to get on board, which costs them more in R&D and without necessarily expecting an appropriate return. For instance, a lot of things were not written for Vista. And will never be. The same could happen with Windows 8? Everyone got on board the very stable Windows 7. And drivers may not be written until we get to Windows 9 or 10? While it might have drivers for the 64-bit version of Windows 7, is no guarantee that it will work correctly with Windows 8 as they are two entirely different operating systems as per Microsoft.

So it's a bit of a crapshoot right now. Not everything has been tested and qualified, on every motherboard, on every chipset, with every processor. I recently it a bit of a brick wall with an upgrade to a new HP. It is only designed to run Windows 8. Not Windows 7. And they provide no support if you want to load Windows 7. Because in the BIOS it as a permanent non-changing selection of " Computer Operating System, Windows 8 ", permanently burned into the BIOS. And this is the argument the DOJ has about Microsoft's monopoly. This computer is not designed to accommodate any other operating system of even earlier Windows Microsoft products, much less Linux or any other operating system you might want to run? Though I could have ordered a custom computer of an identical type with Windows 7 that would've cost me many hundreds of dollars more. Why? Because the machine is not really designed to run anything else other than Windows 8. Even though it was created during the time of Windows 7 before the introduction of Windows 8. And if I had gotten the custom computer from HP of the same type with Windows 7, they would have supported me technically. But I got one with factory installed Windows 8, so I am essentially screwed. Even if I can get Windows 7 to run, there are no drivers designed that are accessible, for this model computer, that isn't Windows 8 drivers. Again that is because of the monopoly as the computer was offered with Windows 7, originally. But Microsoft is forcing this upon all of the manufacturers if they want to stay in business.

Windows 8 was never really intended for installation on computers. That is a tough nut to swallow. It was designed specifically for smart phones and touch sensitive tablets, that are no more powerful than our computers were in 1995. Because they want you to use all of the software available upon servers by the companies that own the software, in the cloud. And the computer no longer needs to have super computer processing power where it is now merely a smart terminal. Something about having smart and terminal in the same sentence in and by itself, makes no sense. Because there is nothing smart about terminal that cannot compute anything worth a damn that is not connected to a more powerful computer that is capable. So where this is all going, no one knows? It might backfire on Microsoft like Vista? Because people need operating systems for computers and not dumb tablet toy terminals. People don't want private things that they are working on that could be hacked in the cloud. No matter how secure. Why do we keep veering about hackers hacking into things when everything is so secure? At our stuff doesn't need to be as secure as that of banks and corporations that are being hacked into with their high level of security in place.

So this all works out for you? Great. Just know, it's possible that it won't work worth a damn. And the computer might not be downgraded, to the more stable and compatible, Business oriented, Windows 7. Which just might be a chance you'll have to take? Sometimes it works out well. Other times not so much so. I'm already having problems with Windows 8 and I haven't even loaded any of my software or drivers yet. I've actually been having trouble simply upgrading the machine to a faster solid-state disk drive. So far unsuccessfully. Incredible frustration and no decent technical support from people who don't understand English overseas. So far... this is not working out well at all. And I rather know what I'm doing or at least I used to. Obviously not anymore? Microsoft does not want to give you that option. They only want your money, everyone's money. And they got it that's for sure. I even spent the extra 150 bucks for the OEM Windows 7 that I can't load. And if I do my warranty will be voided according to HP if it's not Windows 8. So think about that. I thought I had done my homework? But there was no indication that the computer couldn't run anything other than what it was installed with at the factory? You can't even upgrade the disk drive. The emergency backup DVD's in which to reload the operating system has not worked successfully at all. Doesn't matter that the computers says it successfully reloaded everything. It works until you switch the computer off. At which point, switching the computer back on yields no working operating system. And it didn't matter whether I tried the Vertex 40 or the 30, or the Seagate 500 GB, 7200 RPM, 16 MB cache mechanical hard drive. No workable Windows 8 operating system on any of those installs.??? How could that be? The next thing for me to try is an Hitachi drive which was the supplied manufacturers drive? Otherwise it's back to the 1 TB 5400 RPM drive that my software says is inadequate and requires 7200 RPM drives or faster which would include SSD. And so far no luck.

You're on your own.
Mx. Remy Ann David

pcrecord Mon, 03/25/2013 - 06:07

Microsoft, put out Windows 8 recently and I just upgraded to Win7x64 a month ago from XP.
When people were screaming help with Vista, I was still with Win2000 !!!

If you want a stable recording computer, please wait for all the bugs to be found and fixed, at least until the SP1 (they might not name it like that cause they start to be a shame to be forced to do service packs.)

New is not always better in our business.. !
(I might say that because I'm an old fart, but I prefer doing music instead of wasting my time with bugs fixing)

BTW, if you buy a computer that comes with Win 8 ( please not win8 starter), you can call microsoft and ask for a downgrade product key. They will tell you which version you can install (in relation with the one you bought) and you can take any corresponding media to install Win7.
It is legal, it is rather a smart move !! he he he :wink:

RemyRAD Tue, 03/26/2013 - 08:50

I am currently looking into downgrading my brand-new Hewlett-Packard, Envy, DV 7-7292 LS from Windows 8. However, it was indicated to me that Windows 8 Pro, was the only version of 8, that allowed for a downgrade rollback to Windows 7? Now I have the factory installed OEM version of 8 and I'm going to attempt to load the OEM version of Windows 7 Pro/64-bit version, over top of Windows 8? And before I attempt that, I have made 2 hard drive clones of the original factory provided 5400 RPM, 1 TB, Hitachi, disk drive. I verified that the clones work, by removing the original drive and installing the clones.

In a sense, I have not given Windows 8 the full Monty tryout. Particularly because Metro certainly did not turn me on. And the Desktop, offered no start menu. Well that's been changed with the installation of Classic Shell, which automatically bypasses Metro, goes directly to the desktop window and includes the classic Start Menu. And I can cope with that much easier. However, I have to find out yet, whether my hardware and software, will all play well with Windows 8? And where I may also have a secondary cloned hard disk with Windows 7, including my software, upon that as well, to simply find out, which one is going to work out best?

Just like someone else indicated, they were still using Windows 2000, when Vista was introduced. They never even bothered to go XP, and I can't blame them. It took me two years after XP had been introduced before I began loading it on my custom-built desktop workstations. I never bothered with Vista. The computers were not capable of running 64-bit, anything. And then I end up with this bastard 8. Only because I needed to purchase a new capable, 64-bit, multi-core, laptop computer. And now also discovering it might NOT run, Windows 7 as capably as 8? And where I will have to use my XP, 32-bit programs and 32-bit drivers with this new operating system that might or might not be completely compatible and successful? And I just have to find that out for myself. It gives one a rather queasy feeling in their stomach. I really can't remember the last time I made a wrong decision purchasing a piece of equipment or computer? And I thought I had done my homework but obviously, with incorrectly supplied information, I was essentially screwed by Hewlett-Packard. A company I have been using equipment from, since the 1970s test equipment they manufactured. A previous computer from seven years ago. And all of this meant nothing upon the purchase of this new Microsoft monopolized, computer bullied company, to only support Windows 8 on this computer and nothing else. It would have been nice to indicate on the computer as cigarette packs have indicated on them for years, that this computer could be bad for your health because it cannot run any other operating system other than the factory installed OEM version of Windows 8, indicated in the information, literature and on the computer itself or the box? And this has me spittin' fire, mad. No way I should have been put through this! And that technical support that you pay for in the purchase of the computer, is false advertising, misrepresentation and a ripoff. Probably something for the FTC? But this is because of the monopolized Microsoft that even the United States Department of Justice can do nothing about. Talk about a compromise! That's the epitome of the definition of that word. A computer should be able to run most any operating system. But these computers are not capable or designed for that. So screw you if you want to run Linux, Mac OS (of which I know many PC folks have running on their PCs that are not made by Apple), Windows 7, windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95, UNIX, Android, anything. And to me that does not say or represent " computer ", no. It simply indicates that the device you have purchased is a Microsoft tablet, only designed to work with Microsoft programs, in the cloud, from their server, by subscription. And that's because they are not making enough greed profit for the stockholders. So you will never purchase or install any of their software anymore. You'll simply lease it by the month like a telephone bill, like a cable TV bill, like your water bill, gas bill, grocery bill.

Of course they are going to heavily market and advertise how great this is going to be for you. It won't be. It isn't. It's a monopoly. And you can't use your monopoly money although that thought has occurred to me. I think it would be quite apropos to purchase a Microsoft computer with some other computer company brand name upon it with counterfeit money? After all they are selling us a bill of goods that will all force us into only utilizing Microsoft-based software. And they don't make what we need! They don't care. We are the smallest minority of their market share. And it's very necessary for companies such as NBC-TV, that have eliminated all of their engineers, like myself, so that pretty little female reporters, can set up their palm sized high-definition camcorders, stream it into the smartphone or tablet, edit the piece. Then they go live without the need for a microwave truck, through a 4G smartphone interface to go live on the air for the evening news! And all from a smart phone! And a person with no engineering skills. And that's how things are being designed for/how, today.

Windows 8 is then simply operated by the pretty little newscaster with no engineering prowess on an interface that looks much like a McDonald's cash register. Have you ever looked at a McDonald's cash register? It's a digital audio workstation remote control with a touch sensitive screen. And all they need to do is point at the hamburger and fries. They don't even need to press a button on a keypad anymore. And whose operating system do you think they are running at McDonald's? An earlier version of Windows 8. That also works at all of the department stores, auto dealers, everywhere, when there are no one who has or needs any understanding of a computer or the use thereof. Which will then make every third-grader more than competent enough to replace all of us because they know how to use their smart phone. And they will be proving that soon at a theater near you. Rated G, for Gnome. (As in no one home even though the lights are on)

Originally with the purchase of my latest HP, it offered a $39.95 upgrade to Windows 8 Pro. It gave no reasons for the need to upgrade to Pro. And I figured, until I figure out, as a novice, how to use 8, why would I want Pro? Especially since I was just a novice? But would that have included the downgrade rollback to Windows 7? And does that operating system still require Windows 8 drivers? What kind of mess is that? It indicated Pro is good for the office environment. Weill, whoop Dee Doo, how is that supposed to benefit what I do? I didn't even know about the optional roll back to Windows 7 from 8 Pro? I mean what sense would that make? The only answer is monopoly Microsoft it makes sense to. They already know this operating system will be a bust for a lot of professionals out there and thus, optional rollback to 7. And I think that says it all? The whole 8 operating system is a bust, right from the get go and they knew it. Yet they still force us and thus, hence, they are a monopoly. Write to your congress folks and senators, write to the FTC, voice your complaints.

In the interests of having a good computer, a few off-the-shelf computers can't really be deemed appropriate for professional work. Sure, they are miles beyond our computers of a few years ago. But then the software has also gone miles beyond what it was a couple of years ago. And it needs these more powerful multi-core computers, 64-bit, operating systems and such. That does not necessarily mean it's going to be faster in what is done then the simpler, earlier software on the less powerful computers, running the earlier, simpler operating systems. The bloat of software and operating systems, computer complexity has gone up exponentially. So while they are certainly more powerful, it doesn't mean you'll get your work done any faster.

Of course a lot of folks will just tell you to go Apple/Macintosh. But now there is even problems there. Think about it... Microsoft owns 49% of Apple. Apple is only going to make smart phones and tablets. So will Microsoft who essentially owns the competition. What's with that? Who's winning? Who's losing? Answer... they are. The choice ya make today will only be good for maybe two years? Keep that in mind since this is an investment on your future. This is why your parents told you to go to college for an MBA instead of a Masters in Basic Audio.

Studio owners are always wealthy, broke and out of business with their new studios. They don't care.
Mx. Remy Ann David

pcrecord Tue, 03/26/2013 - 09:55

Microsoft licence agreement says, OEM licences could not be transfered to another pc. A local computer shop says call them and say you had to change the mother board and they will accept to make the activation. I wonder why it is sometime harder to use legal softwares. I'm not encouraging any piracy but with so many torrent sites, Microsoft should make it easy to use their softwares legally... If I paid for the last version, why the hell can't I use the older one ??

You know what I saw once, a reseller was shipping unglued win7 licences. Some computers that a company asked with a different OS, were ripped off of there licences and replace with others. Then, the reseller was selling you these removed stickers to put on your pc (around 30$). The activation was working perfectly. Was it all legal ?? Maybe not according to MS. ;)

RemyRAD Tue, 03/26/2013 - 11:48

Yeah, the legalities behind installing software on more than one of your machines is like telling you you can only wear your favorite pair of underwear to church on Sundays. And you can't use it for that hot date unless ya take her out for dinner and a movie. And more than once.

So after I have purchased the legitimate version, I really don't mind using the cracked version. I'm not going to get arrested because I can still produce a receipt. And my aim was to discover which one of my machines it would work best upon. So that's when you use those corporate serial numbers and such. Good way to pick up a virus though. And where you'll find many key generators rife with viruses. So if you use one of those, you should immediately before going back onto the Internet, run a full virus scan which will also eliminate the key generator if you have not permanently first printed it, to optical media. You need to take something on more of a test drive than what is provided for with 1 gallon of gas. And in that respect, all of the hackers making these key generators indicate that if you like the software, you should purchase the software and support the company. Which I have done. But certainly not for those pieces of software I don't deem to be user friendly for me. And I've saved hundreds of dollars. Because most of the trial software is crippled or, time restricted. Then you can barely get into the software to figure out if it suits your purposes. Which is BS. But because I am a professional in what I do, I certainly do not want to use that software for any professional delivery. Not until I have legitimately purchased it. It might be something new by someone else? It might simply be an upgrade?

For instance, Adobe recently deemed Audition 3 as abandoning were, offering it up for free. I'm still perfectly happy using my Audition 1.5. But that does not offer ASIO compatibility. 2 did so I purchased that. When 3 was introduced, I purchased that and sold my copy of 2 to a client. So I've had 3 since shortly after its introduction. Yet I still use 1.5 most of the time. 3.0 has offered up ASIO, now also along with MIDI implementation and I don't do any MIDI. And where the other differences between 1.5 and 3.0 really offer no significant advantages. But nevertheless, 3.0 is now free. It also has other unique advantages not found in other software. It's noise reduction capabilities are only second to that of noise reduction plug-ins costing $1500. It can do things no other software can do in audio. And without the need for extra plug-ins unless you want them. And believe me, many plug-ins are simply unneeded with that software, if, you know what you're doing. But few do. I happen to like it much better than anything else. And I have Pro Fools and Sony Vegas. I use Vegas for all of my video work today where I used to use Adobe Premier. But when Premier went Pro, I no longer cared for what it was doing to my audio. I don't care what they tell me. It could not be disabled. It converted all 16-bit audio to 32-bit and whether you wanted it to or not. And I don't buy that nonsense. So they lost a customer. I never even cared for my legitimate Sonic Foundry, Sound Forage 4. But I needed that CD Architect for proper Rod Book, Disc at Once, CD Mastering, for glass master replication purposes. The newly purchased Adobe Audition product formerly known as Cool Edit Pro only offered Track at Once CD burning, which is not applicable or compatible for replication glass masters. And I never found Sound Forage to be as capable as Cool Edit Shareware and/or Pro a.k.a. Adobe Audition. So I frequently find myself using my software instead of the included software that was bundled with my other digital audio computer interface devices. They might be more versatile in some areas and less versatile in the areas in which I need most often?

So you have a lot of decisions to weigh and consider that will impact you financially for the next few years. Good luck on your decisions.
Mx. Remy Ann David

hueseph Tue, 03/26/2013 - 18:59

[[url=http://[/URL]="http://www.classics…"]Windows Classic Shell[/]="http://www.classics…"]Windows Classic Shell[/] gives you back your start menu and makes the desktop your default interface. All of the "features" of Metro remain but only when you want them and only when you hover over the corners. It's freeware and it's safe. There's no malware/adware/spyware involved.

I'm not trying to convince you to keep using Windows 8. Just pointing out that Windows 8 doesn't have to be a painful experience.

RemyRAD Tue, 03/26/2013 - 21:30

Yes and that Classic Shell works out real nice. Now I just have to see if I can load any of my software and drivers for my hardware and see what works and what doesn't. I know that 7 is stable. We have yet to see the fireworks begin with 8. Which might get a lot of people turning Blue? And I wonder if I will be able to upgrade to a newer Microsoft operating system on a laptop designed only for 8? That's got me a bit nervous. And that will have to come through a BIOS update. Windows 8 is burned into the BIOS. They certainly don't make it very easy for you to install non-Microsoft, software. They are protecting us from all of the boogie monsters. Boogie boogie boogie. I'm shaking in my laptop.

I can understand Microsoft going with this McDonald's cash register, METRO, startup page. I'm just for the life of me, when they provide the familiar desktop GUI, why they left out the options for the classic start menu? It seems too idiotic to even think about. I mean, I guess, you don't need a front door on your house if your house has Windows? Right? And then you only need your tablet complete with your indoor IP camera, so you can put yourself virtually in your living room from your front lawn. I think everybody needs that?

Eli's coming.
Mx. Remy Ann David

anonymous Wed, 03/27/2013 - 01:27

hueseph, post: 402766 wrote: It was a dumb move. There's talk of them getting rid of the desktop altogether. That would be an even dumber move. I hope they give their heads a shake or I will end up going Mac.....again.

LOL.... seems like I hear this... (and say it myself in regards to Windows) about every 3 years or so.

They come out with a very stable and intuitive OS like XP, then release an abortion like Vista, then fix that with a very solid 7... what is it? Like every other time for these guys? As if it's become company policy to ***k up every other version?

RemyRAD Wed, 03/27/2013 - 02:23

Well Donny, it could be a very carefully crafted business plan? Bill Gates isn't the only billionaire working for Microsoft. There are a few almost as wealthy as he is. But because they are worth less than Bill or Warren, we don't hear much about them. OK Michael Bloomberg. Mortimer Zuckerman. I did kind of feel poor when I was around Mortimer Zuckerman. I mean it's almost like you want to ask him for a couple of million dollars to build a studio with. And you really can't. Not even when you are putting his microphone on. I'm still looking for work and he could have retired before the birth of Christ. At least it's kind of exciting working around a billionaire. They look the same as us? How could that be?

It certainly appears that Microsoft Works on some kind of one two punch? A good one a bad one a good one a bad one. Time for bed.
Mx. Remy Ann David

hueseph Wed, 03/27/2013 - 05:09

DonnyThompson, post: 402772 wrote: LOL.... seems like I hear this... (and say it myself in regards to Windows) about every 3 years or so.

They come out with a very stable and intuitive OS like XP, then release an abortion like Vista, then fix that with a very solid 7... what is it? Like every other time for these guys? As if it's become company policy to ***k up every other version?

Don't get me wrong. Aside from Metro, I really like Windows 8. Love it even. It is as stable as Windows 7 and by far, way faster in boot up and launching programs. It's just the desktop thing that ruins it.

pcrecord Wed, 03/27/2013 - 05:18

DonnyThompson, post: 402772 wrote: They come out with a very stable and intuitive OS like XP, then release an abortion like Vista, then fix that with a very solid 7... what is it? Like every other time for these guys?

I might have say it, but I'm a computer technician. Yep, an IT is doing music and recording as well...
What I saw over the years with microsoft is that they make a good OS every two version.


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