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What is the most important Feature or features a DAW can have (or should have)? What do you look for in a DAW, what do you find to be the Key Feature that makes it an easy decision for you?
Is it reliability, Audio quality, feature sets( editing tools, Audio processing tools etc...) Versatility, plugins Company Support, future upgrade path, etc...
what would be your DREAM DAW?

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anonymous Sat, 12/09/2000 - 14:08

Okay, I'll start this.

  • sound quality.
  • support.
  • cost.
  • track record.
  • upgrades.
  • functions.

all come to mind. It would be great to see another PT out there that was compatible with each other. Compitition is good. PT is very expensive but I don't mind paying for something that works! My PT mix plus system works very well... No complaints other than buying more DSP is very expensive.

PT years of experience and the super ease of it's editing layout makes it top drawer in my desk.

What does soundscape have to offer?

SonOfSmawg Sat, 12/09/2000 - 14:59

There are two more things that I can add to
that list...
1) A well organized, clear, concise manual.
The better your manual is, the less time and money you'll have to spend on customer support.
2) User friendliness. Easy to navigate,
with clear screens that are easy on the eyes.

As far as a single KEY feature, there isn't one. It's the total package. I understand exactly the point of your question, and the best thing I can tell you to do is... your
homework. The DUC is the best place to do that. The posts that you want to pay closest attention-to are the ones where people are
ticked-off at Digi.
I'll give you a freebie here...the obvious...
Come out with a system like 001, add SMPTE,
better MIDI functions, virtual tracks, better
preamps, and sell it competitively priced to
the 001.

anonymous Sun, 12/10/2000 - 10:48

1) Sound Quality is of course very high with us, I guess the better way to say it is, I have never heard any one complain about our "sound"
2) our support is one of our "high points with our users
3) less $ 10,000 ( R.Ed.32, 32tracks, mixpander)for a system that is many more times powerful then competitors
4) Track record is very very stable & reliable operation(as close to crash proof as you can get)
5) All upgrades (Software) are Free, we have yet to fully exploit the capabilities of a R.Ed. system. Meaning our hardware life expectancy is out there around 5 years or more. Before needing to buy a new hardware scheme. And when we do, like we did for R.Ed. we offer a trade in for those users.( for example the first HDR's made in 93' are still being used today, with our current Software version 3)
6) As far as features are concerned they are a ton of them, and more being added as we go.

1) Our manual actually is really easy to read and use.
2) It takes an average user a day ( being with in 8 hrs or less)to learn how to use Soundscape, with in a week, he/she is very proficient with it. Our Software is very "Function based" not about glits and glamour.
Very easy to use, very easy to read, and know where you are at.
3) Currently we offer a PCI card known as "Mixtreme" which basically is, a 16 ch I/O card. that is multi-client, essentially meaning you can use more then one Application at a time. it also comes with a 5.1 surround mixer, and can use the sameplug-insthat are available with R.Ed.

1) MIDI is implemented into R.Ed as standard for MTC and Machine Control.

Joel Gette
Soundscape Digital

Ang1970 Mon, 12/11/2000 - 01:46

All very important points, indeed. And good answers too.

Now here's a hard one... How about a couple hundred reasonably priced full-blown rigs available for rental in NYC 24/7/365.25?
Can your system compete with "the standard"?

(Not that I care about that. Some digi fanatic woulda asked it eventually anyway. Actually, what I want to know is, how much would you give me for a mix+ with 1 extra mix card, 2 vintage farms, 7 slot chassis, 888/24, USD, and a G3? This will keep me from thinking about SS for a while.)

SonOfSmawg Mon, 12/11/2000 - 06:51

Yeah, I've read about the Mixtreme card,
but it's a far cry from the 001.
Scroll back up to where I gave you the 'freebie'...if you can do that, you'll
make a fortune.
A major drawback to Soundscape is that it's only in a PC format. I hope that
Soundscape has their Mac versions in the works. If not, they'd better get going on it.
They will be very hard-pressed to be competitive in this market unless they have a Mac version. Most people would be more willing to change from their current software company to another if they will still be able to use their same computer. Personally, I have both Mac and PC
computers, and I wouldn't even consider using
PC for audio. I hate the PC. MAC ROCKS.
I only use the PC for the internet because
there are a lot of things on the internet that aren't Mac compatible. If everything on the internet was Mac compatible, I'd buy another Mac. About half of the guys out there
are also using Macs for their audio, and most of them have the same pro-Mac attitude.
BTW...Nuendo's Mac version is due for release by this Spring...

anonymous Mon, 12/11/2000 - 08:06

Guys the best way for me to put this would be this:
If we were to do a Mac version, you would be wasting $4000,,,9the cost of the Mac) Ok Look at this way,, the only purpose for the "Any computer at all" in our design concept is just a "GUI".
Basically a way for you to interact with the hardware, We do not Use any of the resources of the computer except for the graphics card, and CPU (Visual wave forms Ect...)for re-draws. You do Not need a a fast computer for our rig to run very efficiently. the cheapest E Machine will run it very well.
You see my point here? it would only help those who already have a Mac, "it would not be Very Cost effective for those who didn't already own a Mac" The R&D would not be worth it, We would have to Jack our prices quite a bit, in order to absorb the extra work involved.
I hope this answers your questions,, as to why we are not on Mac,, and probably will not ever be on Mac.

Joel Gette
Soundscape Digital