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will this work?

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ok, I was thinking of getting this

and one of these

so I can serf the net at work, and in bed, but...

I was thinking of...
can I use a earlier version of cu base and just use this as a portable 4 track? just to get my ideas down on the move?.

I could always install XP on it if needs be, if an earlier version of cu base support high speed usb then if I run it at a lower sample rate then I can't see why it shouldn't work?

any ideas?


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tifftunes Thu, 12/20/2007 - 01:58
Check out the Presonus FireBox or even the Inspire 1394 instead of the M-Audio Fast Track USB. The Presonus is IEEE1394/Firewire. Not only is Firewire more stable, it sounds better than USB for music recording. And the Presonus usually comes with Cubase LE, which is fine for your purposes.