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Hey all, I'm a bit curious. Which compressors (or other devices) are your favourites when it comes to totally smash drums etc and make them pump relly heavily and take a last breath of life :) Yeah, I'm talking compression as an effect, but not all of them sound cool used that way. I've found a few cool ones but I'm still looking for that ultimate sound-destruction-unit. Any favourites ? I'm hoping to find one that squeezes the heck out of anything yet keeping it somewhat alive...and cool...

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anonymous Thu, 08/28/2003 - 19:36

To really get that pumping sorta thing, I have a single U47 (any good mic will work) in front of the kit and I run it through a 1176 with all the buttons in. That does the trick! Also, when mixing, I like to run the snare, kick, toms, and samples through two linked distressors in opto mode. Smash it and then bring it up under the rest of the tracks. Nice punch!