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zero 8?

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21 years
I tried posting this in budget gear forum, but maybe it's not really too budget.

I wondered if anyone here has had any experience with the Korg Zero 8 (or even the zero 4).

I've been looking for a nice live controller when I'm running Cubase and/or Ableton on my laptop, as well as something with multiple ins that would allow me to loop live, as well as something with live processing (i.e. it would replace a soundcard, kaoss pad, and control surface). The zero seems to fit the bill and could also be a good upgrade (can I upgrade you?) for my little old firebox at home.

Any words of wisdom? There seems to be very little online about these mixers. They sound to me like the ant's pyjamas for someone like me (self-recording and sound-sculpting musician).

Any word on the supposed hiss?

much appreciated.


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21 years

Member Sun, 03/09/2008 - 22:55
hi there. thanks for the reply. yeah, i've seen those video reviews before. i think they're from awhile ago now---from when the zero 8s first came out.

it's hard to tell from the video what the hiss situation is. i certainly don't trust low-grade video sound. :wink:

thanks for the try though.