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Tasked with enhancing audio composed of interview vocals done with inexpensive lav. I'm using Adobe Audition currently.

Somewhat of a novice, these are the 4 effects I KNOW I need to apply.

1-Noise reduction
2-Some EQ(Parametric?) to sweeten the vocals
3-Some reverb to make them sound less flat
4- Increasing the volume, either using some type of compressor, amplification or normalization

I also understand that NR is best applied in multiple passes instead of all at once.

And finally, I'd like to keep all or as many of the effects non-destructive if possible, using the multitrack editor in Audition to apply my effects. The one exception being NR, which must be performed in the Waveform editor(hence destructive).

Given my goals and what I have to work with(farily high noise floor), what sequence of steps should I take?
Any other tips in getting the best possible talking vocals?