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How to record and mix vocals in a home studio?


I’m trying to build a pro recording studio I’m a self independent artist that’s trying to build his own pro recording studio at home to be able to record when ever on my on time so I need help from someone to tell me what gear I need looking for a professional setup?plz help this is my lil setup that I’m using for now any suggestions

Izotope Ozone 9 lets you re-balance vocals in stereo mix.


This is a great new feature! Something i think we have been wishing for, for a long time. Adjust vocals, drums, and bass individually, right from the stereo mix! I skipped the upgrade from ozone 7 to 8, but did take advantage of intro pricing on 9, mainly for this feature. Check it out, seems to work very transparently.

delay is picking up previous vocals


Hi! i am trying to use the WavesH delay on a couple single lyric words in pro tools, i have the half bar delay on a bus track and am feeding the audio into the aux by automation but when i feed in the audio for the one word i want delayed, it has all the previous lyrics also flooding in. is there a way to only activate the h delay plugin when i tell it to?